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Interesting article on memory formation and a word about mn

Applied the mn insisting if a doc says so your recordings doesn't matter and your freedom is gone ..

Well fear conditioning 101 and civil standards of evidence to create a jail for the abused.

It's ok though paul Wuethrich routinely informed me that neither my mom or him can abuse me because I'm a man.

The system is really sick.

I don't want to and never wanted to hurt them. I wanted them to stop hurting me.

Then again it's Minnesota and even our public school system is into incest. 

And this is the level of gross this state is at. I'm not sure what I expected for venting anger with words. But it wasn't 6 mo to 18mo of life taken.

But hey, if we keep this up minnesota  will always have a demand for psycho therapists no? Should probably help insure mn can use it's bulk pharmaceutical purchasing power to drive down the cost of rx drugs for all minnesotans ... One Psychotropic script at a time.

  1. Quantify how much all Minnesota government entities spend on prescription drugs, to enable these entities to better pool and utilize their bulk-purchasing power.
  2. Optimize and better utilize Minnesota’s bulk purchasing power through MMCAP INFUSE, and extend the discounts it receives to individual Minnesotans.

Actually If we combine the concept that memory formation is dna damage with mn incest.. pretty good argument that the state of mn is tbi/ptsd inducing and dna damaging at the same time.

If we run with it a little more there is a plus side in sight: 

soon the webbed fingered and toe offspring will likely be able to dethrone Michael Phelps. Rumor has it Stearns county is hard at work on this and has been for some time

I wish I could be working on circuit board designs or looking at classes to register for at scsu, or exposed to the elements living on the side of the road in any other state. Ideally thriving somewhere else. But life is on hold and police have my laptop.

Instead everything is on hold for my words.
I'm sorry I said them.
It was just words though. Neither of my parents can claim the same.

If mn continues to hold me it will be able to do so. I've cooperated calmly from the start. 

If they would do their part and have an actual trial it would be a step up. 

As is context was ignored. The possibility of posturing was ignored and things that have a fair bit of evidence to support were labeled delusions to put me here.

Believe what you want about me. I find it highly likely If this system is left the way it is, we will be or already have treated people severely harmed abused and or raped as delusional and or Force medicated them.

We need an obligation for doctors to see evidence and patients to be allowed to present it.

But now I'm off topic...I'll probably separated this last part to its own post eventually


Hands over your head


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