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Legislating feels

Did you feel threatened?

You're on a train to an internment camp, but what's important is how you feel right?

Obviously if someone tells you this or suggests anything that makes you feel uncomfortable they are the issue right? Not the train no?

To me what's more disturbing is the seeming lack of care about why someone would say something threatening.

It creates a dangerous situation. If someone's literally trying to kill you ... I guess submissive and trust the gov to save you? Or is it people just wouldn't do that? People couldn't do that?

I'd like an explanation other I'm a doc. 

You could be anything from a witch to a talking mallard duck with doc in-between. The explanation and evaluation of evidence in forming an opinion is what makes it valid or more than subjective 

The other part that is disturbing about it to me is there is federal money to states who prosicute based on this 

Also there's federal and insurance company  money/revenue and job creation for states in Deming someone mentally ill.

I'd say there's some evidence Minnesota explains this as well

Minnesota switch to a system where it no longer owns mental hospitals. It rents them. You get to use the money to create jobs and collect taxes from both the income and renting the property.

The problem to me isn't that this system exists.

It's that we've created financial incentive to take people's freedom away. 

And we do it with extremely low standards of evidence.

 We also ignore long held truths like economic mobility factors.

we give people a one size fits all no child or adult allowed ahead program after labeling the mentally ill. I've been told for the last 3 months that I could be teaching the groups that I have to attend to have any chance of freedom. some staff speaking candidly to me have also said things like I don't understand why the state programs are teaching things that my junior high or middle school student could answer to adults.

if you're being made to learn things you already know and have demonstrated because somebody basically said you didn't or said they felt threatened and little investigation goes into the why behind anything or the actuality behind anything I think we at least logically speaking should start to have the definition of cruel and unusual

I also wonder how much these programs and people stuck in them are used to bolster Minnesota. Keith Ellison the current attorney general was talking about wanting to use Minnesota's bulk purchasing power to lower the cost for prescriptions for minnesotans

Cbhh Baxter was one of six identical facilities. They on average dispense 6,000 pills a month.

That's 36000 prescription pills or at least pharmaceutical quality big pharma purchased pills guaranteed and these places all have waiting lists to get into. I'm currently at an mshs and there's not a single patient here that is not on medicine of some sort. I'm unaware how many of these facilities there are. 

I think the state being able to guarantee even the $36,000 in purchases partly with money its laws have insured its paid... Well it might be good for those who never experienced this but heaven forbid you end up on the wrong side of it or anyone ever accuses you of being a witch and that's still just scratching the surface.

The other issue I've mentioned before is the scope of the trial that arises from the claim of someone's feels I said it in the past you better not make the person who put you down the well feel threatened. What we've created is a first come first serve justice system and as I've also said in the past who's more likely to make it to the justice system first? 

The person standing at the top of the well telling you to put the lotion on your skin or the person in the well?

For those of you unaware that's silence of the lambs reference. But I think it applies quite well because if police put you out of house and home before any trial you'll struggle to make even basic needs like food water and shelter. Without fulfilling those it's pretty hard to get to the court. I probably shouldn't have to explain this more than that but I'm just trying to make you think about a position you might not be in hopefully you'll never be in. The point is if you don't envision the possibilities we can end up with a system that doesn't account for reality but rather tries to project reality.

Friendly reminder, be it media or even my words:


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