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Minnesota Life Rape

A friend of mine once described how my parents were treating me as:

 life rape.

When you then end up held in an institution where you are encouraged to repeat daily what you could have done differently or to avoid it or when you get out this gets warped. I never claimed to be perfect.a lot of what I wrote down here was pointing out how without respect too personal property ownership thereof or fundamentals like getting or maintaining a job where you don't know where you're going to live or you can be kicked out of it at any moment by police...

I was pointing out the problems with the system.

that doesn't indicate that I don't know where the problems are with myself. It's just what I chose to talk about.

In This Flawed (Patient Centred) System

What comes to my mind is how long before mn does this to someone who's actually been raped?

One of the criteria for early release is showing insight into the problem they claim you have / label you with.

Please share insight into what you did..

To get raped 

Please share insight on how you can avoid rape in the future 

while we hold you 6 mo to 2 years.

(Mn commitment laws/time frames)

It doesn't take much searching to show trauma is causal in many a mental illness.

This is of course an example taken to the extreme. But done so in the hopes of illustrating the ethical and moral issues involved with civil standards of evidence and/or limited ability for the patient about to be sentenced to even present evidence in their favor

When we let the doctor with no legal obligation or consequences for misrepresenting or even making a mistake argue to the court as an expert.

and the court standard is the preponderance of the evidence.

but the state has already taken your phone limited the ability to contact anyone to speak in your favor and your public defender won't even submit existing medical records that could be used to argue in your favor.

Even more so when the public defender is under no obligation to the lawyers Board of professional responsibility..

This is a recipe for harmful disaster.

This is amoral and unethical 

When you can label anything you want delusion and drug a person for it.

It might go by a fancy medical label but as far as I've seen there's no safeguards here to prevent the local government from using this as we think you're lying so here's 6 months to 2 years Force medicated while detained

Appeal to authority is a logical fallacy. 

What separates someone having earned the authority and using it properly from the fallacy is:

 can they explain the why component or are they just using their title too back a claim/argument

The doctor who claimed I was delusional is also on medical records stating that my memory and cognition were intact.

I'm not even saying that's what I believe happened to me. I'm rather pointing out that unless someone can show in law where these safeguards exist we have a problem.


Forced detainment is trauma. 

 the insanity goes deeper

In the lack of recognition that some of the states actions contradict what the state then teaches you in the therapy groups.

I've been saying it since before commitment, you can't protect mental health without protecting personal property. many coping mechanisms for both physical and mental health require physical property.

Minnesota will take away your coping mechanisms and then lock you up.Where your best bet of escape is attending groups where they teach you about how things like riding your bike is a good coping mechanism.

How I normally cook also comes to mind. There's a lot of evidence out there that diet greatly influences mental state. Not only that but it's another thing that it's easy to argue without personal property protections it's hard to maintain.

Minnesota snap does not buy hot food.

If the police assist in or directly separate you from or take from you your kitchenware they have played a role in any subsequent mental breakdown.

Irony of all irony

A worksheet handed out at CentraCare St cloud suggested writing a blog is a good coping mechanism.

 Hopefully it doesn't happen to you.



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