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Mistreatment at St Cloud CentraCare

This is meant to pick up where HANDS OVER YOUR HEAD ON THE GROUND left off.

My experience at St cloud Minnesota's CentraCare hospital.

In the post that follows AMHU stands for Adult Mental Health Care Unit.

Scratching the surface

The AMHU took a list of lawyers the er had printed for me. Like from my room without at first even admitting that they had done so.

(I drew this from memory 3 months into my stay at the next facility) I should update it with stars on the rooms where disability requirements arnt met)

The AMHU also doesn't have directory assistance on it's phones.

Staff was forbidden from looking anything up for me.

The AMHU provided no place for private phone use

I was told my chart and diagnosis info required having a lawyer request it. 

That changed after the commitment to I need to sign a release to myself.

A lot of these run up against Minnesota statutes 144.651

It's their policy (possibly against mn health care policy) to go through patient journals and writings often ripping things out. They do so with out notifying the patient of what was removed.

Also I wasn't aware of these policies or the Minnesota statutes until about a month later when I was transferred to Baxter. Baxter actually has them on the wall CentraCare St cloud staff off and referred to a little black book of patient rights but they usually said no one seen it in quite a while.

That's probably the funniest joke of all if it weren't reality.


Officially it's in my record that I was preemptively moved to the bicu just incase I reacted poorly to the outcome of the hearings. 

They noted I was not locked in. This is a lie. Several times they forgot to tell the staff that I was not locked.

CentraCare had 2 sets of double doors that locked and made 4 rooms isolation rooms. So not only was I getting violated having papers taken from my room, to come and go from my room required staff to unlock the hallway door outside of it. This is a violation of mn 144.651

Conflict in staffing?

I'll be the first to say I'm not sure if this meets the qualifications. Regardless it didn't help my internal stress level. What is it?

The director of the ward used to work with my mother. He was security at children's-Allina in St Paul.

my mom as far as I know is still a neonatal nurse practitioner at children's in St Paul Minnesota. She has been for as long as I can remember. I'm not entirely sure how old Tyler is but I would put him within 6 years of my age (either direction.)

The moment he realized this he went silent on the topic. 

Considering what the doctor was insisting about the events while refusing concern over the fact that I have two years of recorded phone calls, the nature of the accusations and the nature of what Marlene and Paul wuethrich have said to me...

It was far from comforting.

Another oddity:

When I finally received my records I found:  they claim I told a patient that CT dye has a tracking device in it

For the record: I explained that by drinking the dye it acts like a tracer for your blood vessels and or any leaks in there.

I've known for a long time a CT scan is a x-ray/radiological process. You drink the radioactive dye so it's absorbed into your blood stream and lights it up on the images produced. I wish I was kidding but the mental health ward at centra care will apparently write anything they need to get the desired results. 

Maybe this was a case of the writer not understanding how a CT scan works. Still apparently it's worse than bush policy. Aka it's no adult allowed ahead instead of no child left behind.

This is the tip of the iceberg with mistreatment 

Things claimed in court

Delusions of fungal or parasitic infection 

The blood was self harm

Delusions of things in my blood

Keep in mind I had 0 access to the internet and they didn't care about the med records that showed otherwise but here's some pics from the 2 years leading up to this

Might look like a mosquito but that's about a 180 times magnification. If I had my laptop I could pull up the Chad file for this circuit board and tell you how big the copper pad it is next to is.this is what it looked like after sitting in Marlene and Paul's basement. What I'm trying to say is that's very much some kind of bug and it's on a circuit board I not only designed but produced.

I was blowing this out a few months into labor under threats on Paul and Marlene's car.

Photos above were under UV lighting. Basically a homemade wood lamp

This was my UV flashlight. The police now have it in custody for what reason I can't imagine. But hey if we want to get on the topic of incompetence...

This was 2015 when I first noticed the lump on my neck. The doctor would claim I had injected myself despite no evidence.

2018 while living at my parents house.

Bonnie rabbit at my parents house.

What started growing on my air conditioner in my apartment after months of labor I told my parents I was not qualified to do was not a good use of my time was not safe for me; on their car

Nosebleeds are recognized symptom of mold exposure

the roof of the car Marlene wuethrich was driving to children's hospital in St Paul

Inside the wall at their Maple Grove house

After the remediation in 2018

backside of the headliner panel in Marlene's car

200 times magnification of a tiny white filament found in my hair

I have seen a dermatologist who diagnosed Sabrina dermatitis. If you read the medical journals 50% of the time that's fungle in origin

And in fact she had prescribed antifungal shampoo

I could have put them in contact with the vet my rabbits used as well. She was of the belief there was likely a might or small insect problem causing lesions with them.

But when the public defender didn't submit even the dermatologist record... And in writing to the judge all I get is it denied trying to submit this evidence and ask for a retrial...

Here's an post more to that point

It was like a day or two after I was committed and the same doctor who argued this was all delusion finally agreed to write a script for that shampoo.

Consider the following :

You are being told xyz is delusional while the same actors/parties/individuals are literally making things disappear from your room 

Regardless of legality does this sound ethical?

A friend I made while held there had been in and out of places like that since he was 4 years old. This included Rochester's Mayo clinic mental health unitAs close as I can to verbatim he had this to say

"I've never seen a place as f***** up or punishing you for arbitrary things as CentraCare St cloud.

Also consider

not commenting on my own case but in general how does one fight a court battle when you can't keep even documents private let alone know that you'll have them the next da

When this involves claims made by a doctor how do you go to court prepared when neither your public defender nor your doctor will tell you what the claims are or wh

There are some serious issues with this syste

Speaking with my social worker a few days ago I found out that they were unaware that I had ever held a job. My education history was also wrong as wel

The other issue with this system is once you're committed it's highly unlikely to somewhat impossible to have the next Doctor reverse anything. It requires the courts. You're basically at the mercy of the county that sought the commitment 

They also have the ability to override what the doctor thinks is the best course for the extent of the commitment

Again trying to avoid too much comment on my own case I think if we are to have any justice in civil commitments or have them do the help that they're supposed to... To be about healing rather than punish

We need to at very least correct that part of this issue

At the last hospital I was held at I was told by the social worker that the county told them if they put me anywhere unlocked the police will simply arrest me to put me back in a hospital

I've been compliant and calm from the start I continue to be compliant calm and behaved 

It also seems there's no obligation for a doctor to look at objective sources of evidence. The problem there is when it's combined with the court the doctor's testimony when you're being committed is an expert opinion. We know from a long long time ago that one of the logical fallacies is appeal to authority. How that's supposed to work is if authority can't explain why and they just use their position to support something that's a fallacy. Yet it seems we have no protection in the law to keep a doctor's word about your reality from becoming legal fact and consequence for yo

The way I put it is from my experience but generalize

Minnesota has reached a place where police could break your arm take you to a doctor who diagnoses itself injurious behavior

They're under no obligation and you might not even be able to access even a surveillance video of it happening

Just food for though

Good judges should still keep you safe from this. The problem as I see it is nothing is guiding us towards good judges and little is done to judges that violate rights or their oath.

The other problem with minnesota courts is one I found out the hard way. If you accept a public defender in Minnesota; they're no longer bound to the lawyers board of professional responsibility.

In other words in Minnesota public pretenders are almost like real lawyers except incompetent representation is only decidable by the original Court/judge in the original county. Aka the same people who made the contract to hire your defence decide if you were competently represented. Does this sound like a safe system?

I wrote the board at some point when I can legally take a picture I'll post a picture of the summary dismissal because of the Minnesota supreme Court case that decided this

I'm probably going to be held another 8 months despite exemplary behavior the entire time.

I have enough money to get another apartment not enough to hire a lawyer to fight this and get another apartment it's a bit of a catch 20 f*** you

This post is a work in progress

Though not written as a direct extension MN Preponderance and Silence follows naturally with the topics started here

Shades of Gray and Silver Linings

Central service staff is very diverse. A lot of them do go out of their way to try to make you feel better. The bhts and the nurses are for the most part excellent. If you give them respect they will return it. That's not unanimous there are exceptions to that that I experienced but for the most part they had good people.

also in a conversation with the ward director I brought up how he could implement something like the Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory to better screen the personalities of who he was hiring...

I can't say for sure what went through his mind but he seemed to really bite and light up at that suggestion.

Another patient there had told me that the current war director was actually a nurse over on the adolescent side when she was there as a child and team. he himself said wants a nurse always a nurse. I believe he's trying to make that a better place.

Also rec director is amazing. Their gym facility is second to none that I've seen. He goes out of his way to make you feel better. I believe his own words were I've tried to make it so the gym is an escape from being confined here. 

Something like Tuesdays and Thursdays you'll also find homemade bread and homemade ice cream in the gym. The gym might even be a misnomer, they've got something like a 70 in TV Nintendo Wii complete with a large library of games everything from buck hunt to dance revolution with the Mario titles in between, Two pool tables, tons of arts and crafts and of course a bunch of actual workout equipment including free weights and a punching bag.

In my opinion the biggest red mark on the place was this was the doctor in charge

Portrait of CentraCare's Dr Jon Bowar MD 1992755052
St Cloud CentraCare's Dr Jon Bowar.

I've heard through the grapevine that the other doctor Bauer tells him he spells his last name incorrectly (apparently Minnesota has at least two)

 I'm here to say the first name isn't up to muster either. I do hope he gets that quack addiction under control.

I actually told him that to his face on the last day there. It got recorded in my notes as "patient suggests I have the problem and hopes I get help."

Actually I think If Dr. Bowar were to join a group of proctologists in search of their own heads Jon C Bowar would be a top-notch provider.

(On a side note I think I understand why one of the BHTs was laughing at the twin Bowars one day. Though she didn't fill in the details I only learned this 2 months later.. the context was something about card games.)

Actually from the story I've heard I think I would like meeting the other one.

Continuing the story in order:

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