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Minnesota & US Civil Commitment Issues

While the intent of the law was to protect a vulnerable population from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous doctors,[3] 

Yet it hasn't seemed to connect the dots that it's curriculum and programming for those committed

might be as harmful as it is helpful.

 it's court system is so broken with so many safeguards disabled that once you're stuck in it you might be stuck in it until the 3rd 4th doctor and a year passes lets you out.

 If you put someone who can function into this they will probably come out less functional.

they will come out in every measure of economic mobility worse for it.

Worse yet

The criteria and how many people we've given power to detain people is exceedingly large. Absent is any sort of systemic requirements for hard evidence or punishment/consequence for abuse of power .

The ombudsman has told me in my case quite a few things shouldn't have gone how they went but now it's next to meaning less until I'm out

they weren't supposed to chain the police eval hold into a 72 hour hold and then the court hold. Is a big one. 

I'm not sure if it should have been executed after a raid whatsoever. It wasn't a hey this person looks like they might be in trouble it's they took excerpts from my blog to imply that I needed help and decided to raid me to see if I was building bombs at the same time. I got full on SWAT team ed trying to get lunch in my car. 

There's also no problem or no safeguard there to stop them from simply labeling the damage done as more reason to detain or sickness.

Despite science that I'll link to in the space below this in the future...

Despite science showing that one of the worst things you could do to an adult is keep them in a higher level of infantilization or care as Minnesota would call it that is necessary. It's not rocket science it's habituation it's cortical thickening. It's being able to practice the life skills that you need. And the other problem Minnesota has is if it won't enforce theft of personal property by family members then you're pretty screwed if someone wants to harm you or take from you. And it's not just that the police might help them do it. Then the actions of the state have put you in the criteria for meeting the definition of who the state can hold. Which is pretty f***** up yet I don't see anyone talking about it

Actually some psychologists are talking about what I'm talking about. Also throughout my experience in this process quite a few counselors and staff members have shared first or second hand accounts of the Minnesota government or its agents the police and doctors messing with people.

I'm just relaying what I've heard as a generalization.

The state seems to have positioned itself to take no liability for what it does but have ultimate power. some counties are likely to exercise this differently than others. The problem is we need oversight checks and balances and audits of how this is being used. It's bigger than just drug trials it's a system to take away your rights based on civil standards of evidence.

if they achieve that there's a $1,500 a day revenue stream created everyday youre held.

Or in other words you put a facility in a town like Wadena and you can pump $24,000 a day into its economy. I'm not talking about profit I'm talking about job creation revenue streams and trickle back to the state taxes. Minnesota rents these facilities.

The psychological world knows there are some serious issues with what's being done to use psychology as an excuse to detain people.


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