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MN Court Corruption

 As a regular citizen with an option my word might not mean much. So why not take the word of a judge?

I think a huge step in this would be reversing the mn supreme court decision that makes it so those with public defender's have no right to independent review by the lawyer's board of professional responsibility.

As it stands you are locked into the original judge and original county court to make that decision or not. 

If the counties system is corrupt then what are the odds that said judge of said system would be a non bias candidate for determining a mistrial?

Heres another independent source that speaks to our states judicial issues

What stands out to me is we get a good grade for audits. Which if you take the view their are issues.. means the people causing them should be doubly aware no?

Here's a more forced healthcare relevant expert opinion.

The summation/take away is it's been found laws passed to try to fix these problems end up abused by the counties /courts.

Why wouldn't they? There's 1500usd a day in revenue for commiting someone (see mental health care parity act) there's also likely Federal money in finding men guilty of ofp violations against women

OVW Grants and Programs - Department of Justice 

Not saying that you'll have a problem with every court or that every decision is flat but it seems to me like we set up a lot of our legislation on enabling the state to bring in revenue which eventually trickles back to state coffers by  taxing those that employees with it and the buildings that it rents with it.

I've also pointed out that the current attorney general has a plan to reduce health care costs or prescription costs from minnesotans by using Minnesota bulk purchasing power. There are tens to hundreds of private facilities where someone may be held but here's what I know about the state-run facilities

There's three mshs and six cbhh hospitals

They told us every time we had a community meeting that they average 6,000 pills a month dispensed.

That's a near guaranteed order for 54000 pharmaceuticals a month 648000 pills a year.

And like I said that's just for the facilities the state runs. Plenty of people are getting forcibly medicated in privately run facilities after the court ordered it.

I would bet if you accounted for the privately run it's something like court ordered or mandated 1.5 million pills a year. That's just my speculation 

One part that isn't (and will probably get its own post or page as I look into it)

Mn has put easy liability on the drs who advise the courts if you should be held or not 

Looking at the flip side it's really hard for the majority to go 6 mo to a year with out income then turn and make a court case over false imprisonment false diagnosis or extract any liability or compensation for the time taken

I've heard both of these things from doctors nurses and support staff while stuck in the system.

This is a flawed and dangerous set of systems with an estate with some serious problems and it goes far beyond race.

the doors in my opinion down to the definition of what freedom and rights are.

There's almost zero protection for personal property in practice in Minnesota. I say in practice because if you read the laws it would appear that it's a great place to be. I've covered this before for the past 2 years on one form of media or another, if you have no protection for personal or even real estate property because the police can order you away on hearsay..

What are you working for at all have you ever get anywhere within that?

Are you more or less likely to experience physical hardship that might lead to mental breakdown?

What are your chances at upward economic mobility?

what are your chances of maintaining the same level of economic status?

What would you call having to work repeatedly to spend for things that you already bought once but the police or another party have taken from you?

Just some food for thought.



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