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Minnesota Climate Pledge

Commit a 33 year old who designed and built a spot welder to construct and repair quality lithium ion battery packs in mn.

To see my welder check the link bellow:

I also had a PCB laid out to do charge and discharge management of large packs.  Minnesota took my laptop with all of my PCB designs on it.

Minnesota helping parents take their adult offsprings life on baseless claims.

Actually as long as there's no protection for personal property work creating a hell of a lot of waste. Tools that could have done something tools someone paid. instead they end up in a landfill. Or a person literally creating tools ends up in a mental ward.

But hey the state gets to create revenue via using civil courts to either draw Mental Health Care parity act funding or federal office of violence against women funding.

The waste in this mental ward and the last facility is beyond insane. Mountain of Styrofoam everyday.

This state is sick beyond belief.

Oh yeah I used that maxwell ultra cap bank to help jumpstart someone's van at walmart about 2 months before getting swatted too.

But hey if climate change ever starts to identify as a black man ...

Minneapolis PD will likely take a knee to save the planet.

In other news, electric lithium ion powered human rated drone planes are right around the corner.

But Minnesota is taking people that were using computer-aided design to make circuit boards taking away their computers and giving them crayons and bead art instead. Also giving them forced medication that doubles the risk of cardiac arrest, messes with blood sugar, might make them more Moody with them when they started but makes a hell of profit for some large corporations. Also I've been able to find out the Doctor who put me here is making half a million a year.I'm not the only reviewer that says he has a problem with listening. In fact I have the records that show they didn't even get my age correct.

We are in my opinion in real big trouble. 


If the SWAT team breaks your arm, if a doctor then diagnoses that self-injurious does that make itself injurous despite the video of them doing it?there's absolutely nothing to stop that at the moment



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