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MSHS Wadena (lacks cohesiveness in organizational mission cohesiveness )

 An MSHS is supposed to be a step down from a CBHH. the problem is compared to Baxter this place is a mess with rules responsibilities and expectations plus hoops to jump to get to them.


Baxter (the higher care level) was for all intents and purposes the same building design (there are slight differences )

Yet in the MSHS supposed to be focused on return to the community all the sudden hrs one may take a shower and or do laundry are limited. (Baxter either was 24/7) the stove avalible is also keyed off at night.

Freedom wise it's the same + 4-6 20 min campus independents (out side walks )(smoke breaks) a day and the occasional trip to the gym.

But to go to he gym or a group of patients at walmart on one has to wake up for 840 am planning group.

This normally would be no sweat if I had a job to make and control of my freedom and property. I'd run myself out if I had to to reset my sleep or bike..make sure I'm exhausted, optimize eating etc, take showers and do laundry as needed to maintain or modify..

But there inlines the rub. To get to the gym or place to buy food... Also after this many years of normal adulthood it's not a huge reward, oh so weak up so I can go to Walmart and spend money I need to save to feel a little less shitty than the food here makes one feel?

Also how realistic is it to be conditioning people that they get to go to the store once a week if and only if they jump arbitrary hoop. Then further more you don't actually get independence in the store, you walk around in a group/are followed.

I wrote stuff online. Some of it may have crossed the line. Most of it I wouldn't have said. What I don't see is the connection to needing this level of care.

The other thing I've noticed at wadena is I find myself frequently having to remind myself that staff that seem overly emotional and concerned about the smallest of things... That's their issue not mine. 

Baxter (through what ever process(id bet the Dr had a large say in it)) ended up with around 40 staff members with I'd say 3 that are that way. 

I'd also argue that if the goal is return to independent living then that's the type of staff you should have. Wadenas stated purpose is to return people to the community . Having staff that go off on arbitrarily ever changing rules is more like setting people up for ocd disfunction and or paranoia. 

Why were you found u showered with out food? Well at wadena you couldn't go to the store unless you woke up at 840 and couldn't shower past 10. Heaven forbid you take someone used to night shifts and give them this.

I came with in moments of filing a grevience the other night when a staff member revealed to the group what med I was on.btyen went further to ask if I could even get it up.

Real great hippa respect or general human respect.

Especially when you've held someone claiming their abuse is a delusion. Now let's rub in basically chemical castration. Then today I found from another patient this same employee has been having convos about how I am a predator. 

Again they can think what they want and I chalk that up to their insecurities and issue. The bigger issue is as the patient and legaly ordered to be here...

This isn't helping jack. It's destroying my sense of identity , habbits I need to live independently, the diet is worse than I would cook for myself, my credit score is tanking ..

If anyone's got an argument for how this is rehabilitation or healing I'm all ears 

For the record the people I claim abused me are recorded claiming to own me, threatening to get me 72 hrs holds or committed unless I do work for them. My dad is also reported saying I'll enjoy prison because I can have a boyfriend(I'm not gay)(if you are that's point is it's corrosive insanity producing shit)(and hearing a staff member say ....above...)

The ombudsman has also advised another patient I know not to complain while in this location. I'm likely facing 6 more months anyway. 

For the record though mn 144.651 says if something's broken or you think something's wrong it's a patients right to bring it to attention.problem is we don't seem to have a system to make sure there isn't retaliation let alone hire enough competent people to accomplish org mission goals let alone keep patients safe.

One last bit That same staff member has mentioned they occasionally enter notes in charts to protect themselves.

I can't say for sure but this might be the way a lot of the negativity or staff issue is taken out on patients. I haven't seen them so hence the for sure part. I have noticed this trend at CentraCare with some staff members though. It's deff an individual thing. Problem is the ones on the pay role are supposed to be professionals. Everyone is human but with that professional title is carried a position of power. How it's used makes the diff. Of course everyone needs to eat though. But systemicly we've set a system where keeping your pay check for your mistakes is as easy as extending someone else's incarceration.

Also I hesitate to take any other patients word at face value as well. The staff member is one of them I had evaluated as more concerned for patients than most. But there's always human mistakes and then the concern of are they or is it superficial charm. Which can drive u crazy if u let it. So I just don't go there. It would be nice if mn would take the initiative to build better systems that take this burden off the staff and patients. That said the last place it should be is the later .

For the sake of credit where credit is due, CentraCares ward director really lit up when I suggested using tHE Minnesota multiphasic  personality inventory or something similar on new hires.


For the sake of completeness.. the reason I haven't reported it/filed a grivence is people make mistakes. Even if I were to conclude it was driven only by self protection ...still what would be accomplished other than making one person worse off while risking retaliation. I decided a long time ago I want to leave the world better than I found it. I'm not into this destroy others to maybe have an advantage. Also inline with this I tend to let words go. Talk is cheep. Sticks and stones so it was.. but the way it's set up in mn words might carry the same weight 


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