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My Glasses While Held at CentraCare

 Actually the picture is from right before.

But the point is this 4  inch length of welding wire (potential shank) was on my face at all times while they claimed I was a threat to myself and others.

I had pointed it out to several staff members. I think it was the second court hearing (some 20 days of calm detainment for bogus claims in)

 I even pointed it out to the court

 The day after that hearing; they came to my room with a literal screw(as opposed to the figurative one I'm still experiencing)

Wanna see that white string under 200x mag?

They were also making claims of delusions of fungal infection. The doc who said that to the court prescribed anti fungal shampoo the day after the final hearing. I had told about the dermatologists findings with in the first few days of being held.

This is disgusting infantilizing dehumanizing and that only scratches the surface. It's soul destroying



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