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My parents and my birthday in captivity

 Paul tells the courts hes scared of me Marlene the same .

In private and on recorded calls paul and Marlene have threatened to put me in a mental ward. Paul has told me do what I say or I'll get you a 72hr hold in prison or a mental ward.

I've repeatedly asked my mom if she has to warp reality to cover her faults and or attack me not to talk to me at all. 

Examples are she does so then of I even raise my voice tells me I don't want to sound crazy or look crazy or go back to...

So that's all in the past. What isn't in the past is they have ofps. Yet paul tries to call me and Marlene still sends stuff like this after trying to call me 

They called cbhh Baxter on my bday.

Here's the thing before the pic. My driver's license they were holding on to while the new where I was also expired on my birthday. They called and left a message with the nursing staff saying they called and left a message with the nursing staff saying we're not scared of you happy birthday. It took contacting the county social worker to contact the police to get my ID and about 2 months elapsed

Mom you are f****** disgusting I don't want you to die but I wish you never had me I wish I never knew what you like. You take all my stuff you create a police record when I had none for things I did not do to you while you're doing things to me and you can't even respect my wishes don't talk to me what the f*** is wrong with you?

But yet when I'm living at your house after you tell me you're my landlord you want me to listen to you talk about your sex life after you and Dad are hiding my keys to keep me from having any life outside of you two?

You threatened the ashes of pets that I had for 12 years is just disgusting. The most disgusting part is how Paul gets when he's got me angry to the point that I've lost my temper verbally. The sing song tone of is that a threat be careful John.

For the fact that you both have verbatim said to me that I have to understand you get what you want when you want. The only thing more distressing is there's not actual counseling in here because the way you've set it up I'm here for what I said to you while you two said and did terrible things to me.

This is the text log from 2019 paul demonstrating he will open my mail. What's really sick as I had asked him for just a night of peace right before this. So he opens the ashes of my pet that were in envelope or package addressed to me and sent by a USPS. Which is nothing compared to the sacredness of Bonnie was mine and my friend. I still have not got to see her ashes Paul you sick f***** what is wrong with you I do not deserve to be here for what I've said to you. 

why can't you man up or person up. I used to think that you help people resolve their disputes. Then in 2020 you're asking me why I'm telling everyone what you like because everybody who already knows you knows what you like..

You're not the image that you lied to me with that's for sure. I used to think you were a respectful decent person you're sick not me.

For anyone else reading this for the last time. If only I could be so lucky I never had any intent to hurt them I wanted them to stop hurting and following me. I have evidence that can speak to that it's still being generated like last week when Paul called me two times in a row. My computer is in custody have two years of recorded phone calls

I would love to be able to just go to another state and figure out life there I have the cash to do that even without giving any of my things back. it's like we're going to stick you to the people who literally plan to own you stole from you terrorized you well we make sure everything you work for is taken. We'll try to tell you you never worked at all just like they did and ignore when you say you can get them tax records to say otherwise.I don't want to hurt anyone I want my life I want what I worked for but if I can't have that I want to be able to get away from these sick people.

life is too short for that kind of pain forced on you daily


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