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Ofp Questions

Does mn essentially mandate caller id?

Ofp makes it illegal to answer a call from the person who saught one.  (But not illegal for them to keep calling you)

Some say 2 to tango, the fed and state gov seem to say one for Fedral funding 

In reality caller id is still easily spoofed and the person using one maliciously could always call from another phone/new number. 

I'm not saying they are purposeless but I am trying to point out law this vague and impractical to enforce can have unintended consequences.

It's also very hard not to violate vaguely defined law

Also if we're at a point where asking these questions is reason to punish...

How do we illicit change when questions and conversation are muted by fear?

Doctor who had a pretty good episode about this. Britain had become a nation in space only, the entire nation was a starship.. people in that fictional episode of the fictional show knew better than to talk about issues because people who did disappeared. To be incredibly explicit that was fiction. But it still has a meta application to our society today.

Also... Shouldn't telling the court you are scared of someone then continuing to contact them or go around them indicate something is off about that statement ?

This was about as traumatic as it gets. I've asked since 2006 please don't repeatedly call me unless someone is dieing. Now I'm commited he has an ofp and continues to do so. 

Asking for my id back from them required contacting my caseworker to contact the police in Maple Grove 

It also resulted in a note from my mom: stay cool. Go back x mo they talk harmful things and do harmful things in circles and if my voice was raised "you don't want to look crazy or I'll"

Or my dad directly threatening I do things for him or he gets me commited or another 72 hr hold but the police took the laptop with the recordings of those incidence then charged me with felony  level stalking. Of my parents and did so like a week after I was committed.

I haven't left at cloud area since the ofps went active. They live in Maple Grove. Aka 45min away. 

This is a soul destroying system.

I was doing everything I could to comply with unreasonable demands and move on to the next step I knew I had to get another apartment when the stimulus check hit I was capable of starting to look. I have enough now but it's looking like another 8 months of proving that I can do more work that I've already done well not being able to make any income. The system hurts people. the system helps some people don't get me wrong there's definitely people that need to be in this level of care. 

They're also supposed to check before committing people if they have friends or family that would take them in. The way the police raid went down they've had my phone in custody ever since. I haven't been able to contact anyone whose number I have had for however many decades or years. I'm still locked out of the account with the bulk of my contacts.


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