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Paul Wuethrich violates fed law/ Bonnie's remains 2019

 Paul Wuethrich and Marlene Wuethrich of maple grove minnesota put me through hell. They also commited illegal acts like mail fraud and check fraud. Things I also believe a case for stalking could be made for.

They put me through hell. They did so in violation of several laws. I didn't want to hurt them or intend to. I was trying to get away from them.

Then I got raided for things I said and now with 2 or 3 years of recorded calls out of reach I'm re answering to the shit they said while putting me through hell. Having to fight that it's not a delusion while not able to touch what could indicate otherwise. This is sick

He didn't directly brag here but what makes it so is the knowledge I have repeatedly asked him not to open my mail. The same with my mother.

I have this full text combo on a phone taken from me. I had asked him to respect I had just lost pet I had for 12 years. Just to one day please leave me alone so I can get back on doing what I need to do. Instead he opens her remains which were sent to me via the United States postal service address to me at their house. Takes pictures and then passes the excuse oh I thought they were a bill when I had asked him not open any of my mail.


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