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Problem With Alleged Paranoia Being Enough to Detain

We have set up systems where the police do put more attention on some individuals than others. If paranoia is enough or the claim of it and we aren't accounting for the fact that we are actually following people around with government assets then who's to blame for the paranoia?

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Worse yet it's an entirely subjective claim and it doesn't have to be about Little Green men or thinking the shadow people are following you all they have to say is seems paranoid.or harbors delusion. My argument here is no one is holding the people with the ability to hold you accountable for why they are holding you. Your only chance to do that is pretty much after you get out or to have a lawyer prepared in case of this sort of hold. But if paranoia is enough at that point then wouldn't seeking out such legal services be paranoia at that point we have a very vicious cycle here

before I was committed I was pointing out that cities such as Chicago are already evaluating programs, computer programs to decide who to put more police eyes on.

The other thing I noticed possibly due to my parents or data sharing with the Maple Grove Police is for the year before I was rated every police officer I walked by in St cloud either nodded or said hi to me.

I wouldn't doubt we have a similar program to what Chicago is trying.

Here's some info on police tracking hot lists and data bases

Minnesota uses a lot of alpr and the two concepts can be combined.

Note the alpr article discusses how some software packages allow officers to make their own hot lists. It's not a streach to say at a pre patrol weekly daily/w.e. meeting community members of concern might be discussed then loaded in.

Any evidence they are contributing to what they then use as an excuse to detain ?

It's subjective and or athoritative and average citizens recollection based. That said I've heard plenty of of it now that I'm stuck in this system.

 I'm paying attention to everything I can. 

Multiple staff members have either shared personal experience and or relayed experiences of their prior clients, my situation or my perception and actuality of police going out of their way to say hi is not the exception. A few staff members have been so blunt as to say they have witnessed the police literally messing with people.

There's a few law firms or legal advocacy groups better talking about the importance of police being trained to deescalate and by extension not become part of the problem they advertise they're there to solve.

I think we need to work a lot more towards this goal to restore Justice in Minnesota.

It's not a foreign concept or novel concept that the act of observing someone changes their behavior.

In fact psychology and forensic psychology both recognize this in their own ways.


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