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Spot The SWAT With Web / Google Analytics.

February 10th 2021 I was rated by a combination of the FBI the ATF and St cloud Minnesota police.

The graphic below what's taken yesterday and was from bloggers very primitive traffic analysis. The 6th month time scale sort of distorts the graph. Click read more to see google analytics

This(above) is bloggers traffic breakdown . Let's see if we can get a bit more focused with google analytics.

Thar she blows.

Rather ...he.. but who's to say what they identify as.

 My bet would be the hits from Chicago and minneapolis were fbi related. A few minneapolis hits might have been my phone. I had analytics configured to discount my static dsl ips but depending on how Verizon was routing my cellular traffic it might have had an endpoint of Minneapolis.

Maple grove was likely my dad. 

A few days before this maybe a few weeks he called me repeatedly and messaged wanting to know when I got a gun. I believe he was reading some of the posts about Auto turrets. Which were described purely as a thought exercise and in a few places I mentioned loading them with blanks but it appears we can crop whatever we want from someone's post to put them away for it.

somehow my cousin in Virginia who had been threatening my life months before also managed to find out I was being held at Centra Care.

I wouldn't doubt she had something to do with the reporting as well.

My contact with her that year had included her threatening my life and telling me she believes it's always okay for a parent to strike their child or adult child. I need to look into Virginia's child protective services and see if they have the equivalent of an OSP because I have the text records to prove that. also when she did live in Minnesota she was court ordered to anger management two times. 

As they say though focus on yourself...

I can still say that I have never struck a person in anger.

Best I can reconstruct is I was swatted by a combination of my parents and my extended family. The amount of contact with any of them makes the whole thing pretty obscene.

But I've been wrong before .

Other possibilities for the Maple Grove hits... It's possible sargent hanson was googleing himself as well.


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