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Thank You!

 To those who have made the past 144 days in private and state run mental health facilities  survivable: thank you!

There are some serious issues with this system. Mainly employees who take out their insecurities and or life issues on those they have power over / on their charts.

There are also a lot of people in this system who appear to be working to try to change it from the inside out. Aka being the change they want to see. As one CentraCare employee put it "you treat me with respect I'll do the same to you"

To the latter: Thank you.

I also can't say enough kind things about CBHH Baxter 

This place is amazingly well run and staffed. They clearly went above and beyond in defining their organizational values and staffing to fulfil them. 

In something like 3 months plus ... There were 3 out of like 40 regular staff that I had any kind of negative vibes from or about. 

They will go out of their way to make the patients feel respected and cared for .

The providers there are equally caring and knowlagble in how to be. The main Dr also has a degree in bio ethics. He's soft spoken and never short on attention. He's even less short on knowledge. It's not just with me. The rooms they see people in have windows .Never once did I catch him looking off into space or giving anything less than compassionate attention when he was with a patient.

Their psych np is friendly as well. I had very little interaction with her but like the Dr...bit was clear she wasn't just professional but kind and compassionate. She very much went out of her way to treat people with respect and human dignity.

They have an awesome functional med np as well. Probiotics and multi vitiman are not more than a request away.

The only down side to that place is the food is ... Fucking God awful. But ask the np for a probiotic and you will be shitting solid again in a week.

Also, they know the food is bad. Apparently there isn't any competition/replacement for the contractor avalible. It's a shame. 

They tell people they are the Hilton of the Minnesota CBHH system... I think the food kinda disqualifies my tendency to give them that title. But if they fixed that wouldn't be far off.

Talking with other patients then and now.. I tend to believe them. There are a lot of horror stories. Also I called CentraCare'$ doc a quack addicted mallard duck and still think that's overly kind to his representation if not at least double his iq if it were true. 

Stay tuned I'll post the record and how that quacker recorded those words are some point. 


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