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The sickness

 They use the police to take your computers, phone and property.

They use hearsay taken verbatim 

They hold you.

They repeat clips of your own sentances and things others have said about you but don't want evidence that points to different conclusions or the full picture (if it comes from the person being held)

They have my hard and solid state drives holding even my resume. I'm locked out of the g drive it was on and away from my contacts as well.

Having to repeatedly reinform the caseworker and now the new doc that these claims I've never worked are false. 

Even when I've mentioned I could pull tax records. And or with my phone put them in contact with former employers 

It's just a change of subject.

Mean while I can't work, can't practice taking care of myself. Can't do anything that provides purpose or meaning. Can't leave to start over. Can't restassured work gets me free or even this because the system doesn't appear to care about anything healthy positive or two sided. 

I don't think it's about me. I think it's a sick and or mal formed system more about job creation and revenue streams for holding people than it ever could be about healing, edu or rehabilitation. 

How can it be that any employer wants to once a list of references, and or a resume. Yet we have established a medical system where a psychiatrist without even caring about tax records will mention how little or that you haven't worked because someone else told them so? what gives them the credibility and use the lack of it? How is it at all saying when you're saying hey I would like to furnish you with government records indicating that I have worked but then you're going to answering the question why haven't you worked? Or why haven't you gotten further?

This is hurting people.

the people asking those questions are probably making between $150,000 to $200,000 a year while their opinion holds someone so they can't work. Because somebody told them you didn't it doesn't even matter if you have tax records you're going to sit there insisting this is madness. And it doesn't just apply to the work aspect I brought it up for as there seems to be no obligation for them to even hear objective evidence. But in my records I found they will let anyone say anything against you and in observation of them they will harp on it and harp on it.

This isn't helping anybody. Except the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors apparently without ethics. Not all of them are that way but damn a lot of them can use to be a lot better Or maybe not. Who am I to tell them what to be and what not to be but I know I wouldn't do this to a person this is f****** sick



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