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Things Accomplished Since 2/10

  • Renewed amateur radio license (kc0jsf)

    • Renewed driver's license 
    • Complaint to med facilities board
    • Complaint to mn med board
    • Complaint to lawyers board of professional responsibility
    • Police report (guy put his arm around my neck at CentraCare)
    • Police report (guy threatened to punch my mouth in at Baxter. Week later hit another patient.)
    • Countless convos with regional ombudsman
    • Letter to judge over eviction trial I wasn't present for (was being held at CentraCare)(DENIED)
    • 3x letter to judge asking for retrial and evidence to be heard in civil commitment case (3x denied)
    • This website
    • Calls and emails to social worker trying to correct things like CentraCare/sterns false assessment of my work and edu history
    • Wrote a procedural instruction set to enable snack purchases  with cc or debit card for CentraCare AMHU patients(thy had a snack run to the gift shop but it was cash only. The ward director got a hold of who to call for buying a gift card over phone with a cc. I wrote "how to"/instructions with required  phone numbers and procedure. Last I checked  it was hung behind the desk.
    • Drs appointment at wadena
    • Eye glass appointment at wadena 
    • Another dr appointment at wadena 
    This might not seem like much. Perhaps the joke I like to make will best illustrate why it's still a decent chunk of accomplishment

    I like to ask staff
    hey I was thinking about taking a s*** later could I get team approval for every wipe?

    No but seriously you aren't allowed to hold on to a pen in many places.

    problem isn't having to ask ; it's the cognitive load created by modifying the process or go to drawer or find staff, ask for square or to, ask if you are allowed to wipe.(I'm exaggerating only slightly) it also introduces an issue or them having to remember or you having to remind them. It basically conditions hopeless ness and or infantilization


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