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Two Flys and Lack Luster Facility Management

 As I sit watching tv in captivity... I can't help think to myself, why can't a facility that bills between 600 to 800 usd per day afford a wall mounted bug zapper?

Also why is it I still haven't gotten a replacement room key card?

State of mn. Separates adults from all their property while detaining them. Yet can't provide a fly swatter let alone a zapper.

There's probably more than 2. I couldn't estimate but I know two things:

I've seen multiple staff flicking their hands at them
At least one mentioned how annoying they are in here.

sitting here I've had two land on me at the same time. 

This place is gross. Staff gets to go home at night so I could see why it's not that big of issue for them.

For the record I have a uv wall mounted zapper, a regular swatter and a electric hand held zapper racket. 

But MN has decided because I'm ambiguously mentally ill and incompetent so what would I know or need those for?

I get to be covered in flys.


- Special Ed... 
Er John Wuethrich


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