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Very Disturbing

 Minnesota doctors seem to not only take a relatives word at face value.. that would be one thing.

But don't seem concerned when you tell them you can show them a recording of the conversation a relative references

Ie 3/4 I've encountered don't care to be corrected by objective evidence. 

I'm not in here for claiming anything super natural or out there and it sure seems the way the court system is set in sterns and centracare violates rights while holding patients; the system seems set to give you the illusion or delusion of a trial.

Mn seems to have made the claim of mental illness into an inescapable reason to detain and force drug by simply denying the ability to present evidence at a trial.

Then you get passed doc to doc, each has a diff idea on what might be wrong with you and their own way of doing things. None has the time of day and all are liable for letting you go but business as normal for simplying telling you they haven't decided or have mixed feelings, see you in a month a week etc. Even if they tell the county that now has control over your freedom that they believe you should be let go the county can still over ride.

Aka we've made a system where routes to normal life are easily overruled, there's liability for the decision makers in reducing level of care and letting you out.. but virtually 0 for holding you 6 mo to a year for unsubstantiated claims.

This state is one of terror. 

There is evidence , scientific evidence that detainment is trauma. There's evidence many mental conditions are driven by trauma.

There's tons of evidence even in habituation that excessive care levels/being held and prevented from doing things for yourself is detremental to an individual's life and Future. Detrimental to their ability to overcome but what we've done

Or rather what we seem to have done

Is create a system where we ignore that. The system ignores any harm the system might do but it will look for it in you after it creates.

It doesn't even have to be sure it was there to put you into it.

And all the while from insurance companies or the federal government it's collecting 1500 US dollars a day per patient

They feed us shit. This is inhumane.

The doctor that I met today roundabout implied that I've never done anything in my life it could be interpreting that wrong but the thing is when I offered him the vengeance checked up his site the reply was I'm not sure how that be relevant.

With him I can't say for sure because there were possibly multiple topics that played. With the first and one of the other that I saw for 45 minutes to an hour over video conference but couldn't send any links to. there has been direct accusations I've never worked they have my work history wrong they don't want to update it. it's like the moment they accuse you of something even if you can prove it wrong you will be held from being able to do so then you'll hear about it again and again.

I suppose there's an alternative explanation that in Minnesota there's an esoteric standard you have to reach to have been considered to have done something with your life or something of value.

I think I'm more simple explanation is there's a lot of people with substandard morals that have been employed in this system.


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