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Wadena No Concerned for Retaliation or Conflicting Athority

Well some concern; but let's take it out on the patient.

Two days ago I filled the first grievance(complaint against staff) of my life (and 150 some days that I've been held over 3 locations)

I found it kind of odd when that staff member was selected to drive me to my eye appointment.

So I made sure I didn't say a word. I did however hold doors open for her in transit. In the waiting room I slipped one ring off my mask. 
Marybeth immediately commanded me to put it back on.

I complied.

I was then with the eye doc and asked if I could take my mask off. 

It would have gotten in the way while doing an eye exam anyway(it rides up). I was told go ahead.

The first part of the exam ended with application of dilating drops. I haven't been able to see properly since maybe the second grade; I'm no stranger to eye dilating drops. I knew I had maybe 10 usable minutes of vision left so I asked if I could go look at the frames that insurance would cover. Between the burning from the drops and the feeling of expanding  pressure on my eyes; I didn't think to put my mask back on.I didn't think anything of it I was thinking about glasses frames that my insurance would cover and the weird eye feelings.

This is when Mary Beth (the staff member) observed me without my mask on. (But said nothing)

When the second part of the appointment was over I again exited the exam room and on my own accord put my mask back on.

We drove back to wadena mshs again without saying a's worth noting I held the door for her on the way in and out as well I was trying to make sure I didn't seem hostile.

So we get back to the mshs answer my room for a second to take a swing of soda, go back out to the common area and...

All of a sudden the two directors of the facility and Mary Beth need to have a talk with me outside.

this is a piss poor example of protection of patients rights or even respect for an actual providers words

Also it would seem to be an authority issue that's resolved by taking it out on the patient . In every way the eye doc was the active medical authority.

 I'm held at a medical facility. One would think drs and nps would be the higher authority. but if that goes against what an hourly employee says... is she a guard at that point? Someone enforcing their word because they can or a healthcare employee in a system that has a stated task or helping people prepare to re enter the community?

I would say it is a pretty decent case of retaliation as well. If you paid attention above, I had filed a grivence against said employee two days earlier.

it's probably a pretty good case for mandating personality inventories for people who are put in charge of vulnerable adults as well.

I would have blogged about it earlier except my pupils were so dilated I could hardly read the ombudsman's number.

There's probably a deeper logical argument here; arbitrary obedience vs thought out constructive criticism might be thr differentiating factor in healthcare vs incarceration.

Here's the funny thing about getting chewed out for not obeying conflicting messages.

 I was still wearing the mask and sunglasses insert while it happened. (My pupils were dilated)

When one adult tells another adult how wrong the Dr approved 10min with out a mask is ;
while they are wearing a mask... 


In other news the relevant staff member should:
 go f...

Fly a kite


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