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Wadena Still No Room Key (and another wadena issue)

About 3 weeks ago a patient mistakenly threw away my room key.

I had sat on it the first week rendering it useless for how it normally works. It still however worked to open the door in a card the latch fashion. 

What's really grinding is when I just now asked to be let into my room: "you took your door key apart so u can't have another one"

I took a HID plastic badge apart? Wait what?

It's one fucking piece. I know because I had a stack of them.

Related plug:

Absolutely nothing is to be gained by taking an hid prox card apart. 

The wire for the coil doesn't always even survive sitting on it let alone trying to pry it out of the thermal plastic that totally covers it on all sides.

This claim should be grounds for civil commitment.

On top of that the other patient admits to having thrown it away.

But no let's just say whatever we want when we want. Better yet but not actually help the person.

It wouldn't have worked very well to scrape the bubbles out of someones phone screen protector if I had ripped it apart. 

What I think we have here is another demonstration of why there needs to be employment personality screenings for these state workers.

Aka it's the couldn't be wrong on the spot effect with the staff member who had that convo. 

But when those staff take it out on the patient, the patient loses.

But by far what was worst about that interaction is it wasn't left with a firm resolution. Aka am I getting another room key? Who can I talk to about this to see if I can?

It lacked actionable information.

The other issue 

A bout 12 days ago I saw a Dr at the tri county health clinic. They changed my nicotine to hourly. 

Nothing is over the counter here. They even call vitamin D3 and my multivitamin a med/scheduled meds

So the doctor changed this 12 days ago so I can have nicotine every hour.

it still has an updated their system and now it's supposed to be my responsibility to call the clinic to have them resend it here.

Wadena puts every little bit of work they can on the patient. Well claiming it's to return them to the community except in the community taking a multivitamin isn't a scheduled med and getting into your door doesn't require asking to be badged in or hearing an excuse about why you don't have a key.

Edit: well I called tri county health and furnished them with the fax number and name of the med nurse. Let's see how long it takes.

Edit 2: apparently I was supposed to have them fax the independent pharmacy the updated order. The pharmacy then puts it into Wadena's system.

Does this really seem like it should be the patients issue to correct?


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