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Wadena with holding prns when we feel like it

 The title pretty much says it all. Haven't been able to get a nicotine lozenge since I woke up. Med nurses behind the counter is now using the excuse she can't give one out what group is going on even though it's the end of group and I sat through group and participated in group.

I have pretty high levels of self-control. You won't catch me in an nic fit. I also have some scar tissue from what my mom would do when she was in the nic fit that I wouldn't want to take out on anyone.

That said not everyone here is me and this is kind of a f***** up policy. Rather more of a justification to sit on one's ass rather than do the $25 an hour job that they're paid to do 

Thing is I first asked her before it started. Actually I never even got the one I asked for last night has she played cards

Kind of ridiculous scene not in here that would be an OTC.

but here they make you have to ask the rules specify you have to ask because you can't have any otcs without it being scheduled or PRN

Except the person assigned to give them out playing cards takes precedence over meeting your needs

Which hits at the conflicting directives/non cohesive mission I've been pointing out 

Everyday before taking two meds I requested to be on (it's actually vitamin d in a multivitamin) and the one the court ordered me to be on I have to identify each med to the med nurse to show that I can do it.

I have to put my multivitamins and the one court ordered med in a med binder and identify them once a week. Then show to the med nurse dujour I can identify them each time I take them. 

That's how much they stress the importance of if you're on meds you keep taking meds you need to know what you're on you need to know that only the doctor can change your meds. 

Which my nicotine lozenges happen to be part of if I want to go on or off them I need to talk to the doctor yet getting one take second place to the staff playing cards.

It's not all their fault either(the staff here) they are always understaffed. Right now (as I type this) there are two staff members and 7 patients in the building. Both are again playing cards and just let the phone go as a result.

Afterwords they checked caller id

"It was tri county health care"

"They are probably confirming patients. If they call back we know it's the other thing"

(My bet would be other thing refers to something they couldn't say in a public area/at least there was some hippa respect)

Even staff at the tricounty clinic have commented that these people are nuts.

But every time I think of how infantalizing and dehumanizing this is...

I remember another patient who has to do the same routine, is a retired nurse. I'm surprised she doesn't pull her hair out.


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