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Why is this damaging and soul destroying

 The vast majority of the groups focus on things like redirection and talking about what healthy activities are. If you look back on this blog I was already talking about how theft or with holding of physical 

property can impair function in adult life

I was listing specifics for coping mechanisms 

 like it's hard to ride a bike I don't have.

It's hard to finish my painting of Bonnie and Clyde when my mold covered pc was taken from my garage by Paul Wuethrich. Along with my mig welder and compound miter saw.

 I had also made the argument that with out protection or enforcement of theft law by police to citizens then the way commitment and hold laws are written...

Anyone can be made to meet the criteria 

What's frustrating is now I can't even work to try to afford what's needed for basic function let alone work to buy what I already worked for once(things I enjoy and or tools to make more money)

This system is soul destroying and probably violates constitutional rights in a few areas.

Segway is what I had at my apt for computers and servers is being held by st cloud pd for up to 3 years.

Y'all are gross examples of humanity. 

Repair something is also frequently listed as a coping skills.

Build something . The hepa air mover and the server are both my creation.

It was hosting vengeance also providing a recorder for 2 ip cameras. 

Above is a circuit board I had design. General purpose electrical manufacturing controller with electrical isolation between the controls and logic and everything that talks to whatever does the switching.

Ecig coil wire made into a hot knife foam cutter.

Converting a mechanicaly adjusted snow plow blade to electric motor adjusted(linear actuator)

There's people far better at the stuff I figured out or taught myself or learned how to do. But here's the thing I did that on my own accord and tried to make something of myself with it

I was using my hands to make things. The people that take it away claim to be the ones that use their hands to keep society together but if you're taking stuff away from people making things then you're a bully that if you have been in power the whole time we'd still be wiping our asses with foliage in the dark

Now I have to ask for the medicated shampoo required to fix the issue likely caused by my parents mold problem

This level of care is insane.

I joke everytime before I take a shit "can I get team approval for each wipe?" 

What's needed is denied though

More insane is procedures I need like getting this golf ball sized lump off my neck are denied.

Produced useful for arguing beyond a doubt the pics labeled self harm were reactions to mold are also denied. 

An example would he seeing an allergist 

The np at Baxter cbhh said I need to see an ent ENT as well but there is not one in wadena and I need to get an actual referral because the way the state set it up they can't do that for me. Aka deinied

It's been 3 years since the dentist told me not to wait more than 6 mo for a procedure that costs 5k.. can't see a dentist at all here.

Also wadena mshs has an ant problem it's kind of sick.

I'd say the biggest issue with this system is mn uses the guise of healing to circumvent standards of evidence and lock people up like criminals

Coming up next: diagnosed delusional for delusions of rights. 

Even Chinese citizens on TED talks are mentioning how their current level of growth and expansion required protection of personal property and the right for citizens to own property Minnesota seems to be going in the opposite direction. Both with that and with criteria for locking people away. In my case my mom literally tried to kill me. With actions with assault. I won't go into it again but what I'm saying is all it takes is words to lock someone up even if those words are in response to actions against

The county seems to be laboring under the delusion I've never worked a day in my life and can't care for my self

I keep telling them things like I can provide you tax records, bank statements. They just change the subject.

CentraCare got my employment and edu history wrong and 4 mo later my case worker is just like oh I wasn't aware.

I've written the judge 3x to say hey I have med records that dispute claims and 3 years of recorded calls

Preponderance of evidence clearly isn't enough of a safe guard when your lawyer doesn't submit relevant docs you provide tells you to be quiet then the judge refuses anything you try to add to say other wise

I said it before I'll say it again it puts the lotion on its skin and it gets the court again

We can do better. We really should do better. I wish we would do better.

This has basically become no alleged witch allowed ahead. (As apposed to no child left behind)

John Wuethrich

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