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Another Day No Update


So there's an appointment I have to make with a company that does psych.

I did my part and last week spent 30min in 3 days calling to find out why I still don't have an appointment.

A month and a half ago I had 2. 

They Cancled.

Now they claim that with out my social worker answering their call they can't book an appointment.

My social worker is also supposed to find out if we can get my car brought here.

That was like 12 days ago now.

So they put it on me for why I'm still here.

You have to make that psych appointment and find a place to live or you will be recommited.

Well I had 2 scheduled now they won't let me schedule another after they Cancled and I can't rightly chose a place to live with out knowing if I have transportation.

So.. on you is kinda a sick skirting of justice.

We won't let you out because we won't do what were paid for ..but we put it back on you and make it uncertian.

Which is a mood destroyer. A jail sentence has an end date.

Still no door key card either.

The staff here usually does the same thing. Put it back out the patient to ask them or another member at some point in the future.

It breaks the reward cycle. Which is a shity thing to do to someone trying to get basic needs met.

Someone else threw away my door key card. So for about a month now I have to ask staff to unlock my door every time I want in.

Do you think that might start to ware on someone?

I've asked for a new key card more times than I can count. At one point they claimed to have given me two. An outright lie. I was using debit card as an inturm solution, untill it snapped in half. Two cards? No. One was very much mine. 

But seriously if one wants to shower;

Towel and shower shoes in room.

Soap at staff /nurses station

Shampoo in med room.

Find someone to let you in this get your room for wl and shoes/clean clothes, ask for soap, find the med nurse to ask for shampoo.

This place is supposed to help people return to the community? 

It's a sick joke.

This has work as hard as u can do everything we tell you and we can still hold you longer for us not doing our jobs in a timely fashion 

But hey group tonight mentioned how stress can cause mental illness so certainly they wouldn't not factor that in or realize depressing hell hole they put people in..

Actually that's just a reason to keep you longer.

Off to ask for team approval for each square of toilet paper. 


Minnesota gulag


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