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Another Paul Wuethrich call(and Some Analytics)

 Monday August 9th  2021

granted these are screenshots but you would think a responsible government would subpoena the phone record.

Except this is Minnesota so drug and detain whoever made it to court second.

Minnesota , destroying your life without evidence.
Force medicating based on delusions that they took the evidence to prove otherwise.

Remember I'm also facing criminal stalking charges against Paul and Marlene. 

it's kind of odd when someone keeps calling you when they're telling the court they're afraid of you 

telling you they own you.
telling you they can do whatever they want to you and you can't do anything about it.

Minnesota cruel and unusual

Or Minnesota protection racket?
Minnesota lawfare?

Minnesota incest torture enforcement?

 take your pick

Here's this sites traffic from mn over the last week
And some rhcp... Because someone took my laptop and I'm not turning the music off to take a screenshot 😂

It's almost like a feed back loop
But again...assuming that's paul in Maple Grove. Who's stalking who?

Could also be unrelated. I wouldn't say I know for sure the Maple Grove traffic is paul. I'd say there's a good chance though.

What's further bs about the stalking:

If I was as extensively surveiled as my court papers suggest, they know I didn't leave sterns county after the ofps was active. 

Also police records would show paul came to St cloud. 

Yet I'm the stalker?

Speaking of possibly unrelated: hello again st peter

Probably about the most reckless thing I've ever done is having trust in this system or talking about getting figuratively fucked by it. But here it is again and for the last 180ish days(what ever the counter near the top says)

I'm just not going to come to the conclusion that if something is hurting you shutting up about it makes it better.

It might increase the odds you eventually escape it. But... There's a lot of darkness in the if trees that follow that. 

Kinda comes down to.. if no one knows another has screamed... Then how many people end up screaming alone?

My life is pretty trashed as it is... Along the lines of not being able to bleed a turnip.. whats left to take for talking?


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