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Doctors Courts and Commitment in Minnesota

Subjective opinion: Drs who evaluate based on subjective opinion and projected societal norms(in the face of objective evidence) are no better than pharmacist who refuse to fill birth control or any other scripts based on religious beliefs.

In fact they're worse because we've given them the power to force mind altering potentially lifelong side effect causing medication based on subjective belief.

The problem

Psychology is pushing to normalize docs diagnosing on their personal beliefs of if social norms have been violated

Govs are pushing to use psych as a reason to detain citizens.

Force medicating and detaining with out allowing an argument made with evidence isn't much better than waterboarding and with the side effects of the medications can give it's arguably worse.

You might think things like the APA or AMA would stop this. I'll find the link later but they have officially come out saying they are about protecting the right of physicians to profit.

Which depends on the state

Minnesota anyway we set it up so they can play a large role in taking away everything you worked for your freedom and your health under the guise of medical science

The society is sick. It's not that some people don't need to be locked up or don't need treatment for mental illness

It's that we've totally taken away the objectivity and the science from determining who needs to be held and or treated

And at that point you might as well be calling it guilty of witchcraft.

How Salem Are We?

After all, wasn't that period in history a time when they acted to protect the community?

If you subscribe to the theory of ergot poisoning the comparison goes much deeper. Ergot is a fungus that grows on rye bread. It's neurotoxic and induces hallucinations and or a discociatave state.

 Many studies have shown many psychotropic meds may worsen mood and long term prognosis.

(I'd love to present journal articles but as the state has taken my computers. Im left with a phone I had to replace out of pocket.. trying to cite anything on a smartphone let alone research it is a pain in the ass.)

During the witch trials one method to determine guilt or innocence involved what was known as a witches cake. Which contained rye and thus more ergot.

The theory goes if the symptoms and odd behaviors were real, the cake used as a test of guilt or innocence was likely making it worse.

Salem Witch trials history (RYE ERGOT AND WITCHES)

Ergotism the satan in Salem

Many of the antipsychotics given also have side effects like doubling your odds of sudden cardiac arrest. I don't think the comparison to ergotism is unfounded or much of a reach.

How far have we come in the last century or two?  Seems to me mn is going backwards but relying on titles.

Other Similarities?

Well anyone can call in pre commitment hold and their word seems to be taken a lot more seriously than hear say should be. Context or even if they know the person seems to be not considered.

In a case like mine where the raid took even my phone that's a bit insane (IMHO).

I found in my CentraCare records that a cousin I haven't seen in like 8 years..and in the 2 years leading up talked to via text like 2x. She badicly parrots my mom. I know from when I was living there she calls her 2x a week.

Last time I had talked to her my cousin with 2 kids of her own and with a court documented anger problem excused my mom trying to push me over a railing with "parents are allowed to hit their kids" and it devolved from there to the point of her threating my life if I even tried to get my stuff back.

But no certainly ...let's not be concerned with those details when claiming I'm the threat.

A non salem issue with subjective opinion on if norms have been violated 

There's no objective definition of a cultural norms.
Even if you try to narrow the scope to a more localized area than an entire nation if it's ridiculous because even in the same town people are going to disagree on what's proper what's not it's a bad way to try to frame the issue.

Even if you had everybody in agreement who's making a list? 

Even if you make a list of what are the norms for your locality, how often are we going to update it?

If psychology is using this with or without a real list does that override the need to actually confirm with objective evidence that the norm was violated?

This year's Norm last year's Norm? Which norms justify which drugs with which side effects which norms justify the potential of disfiguring that person for life?

also the other logical issue with cultural norms is if you look at cultures like the Mayans human sacrifice was a norm. If we have psychology based on cultural norms and we're just okay with that or teaching future psychologists to be okay with that we've opened one hell of a Pandora's box.

Many atrocities throughout history have been both legal and the norm at the time they were committed.

Take African American slavery in the US as an example.

Or human sacrifice in the Mayan culture.

So what happens when not participating in that becomes a norm violation that a psychologist can used to diagnose as mental illness?

Are We Actually Worse?

Worse than that we seem to excuse any role that the state or its laws or the actions of its police play in creating psychiatric symptoms. It's easy to create complex bereavement and or risk to life when they can put you on the street and pay no respect to personal property. I've argued several times over (and I don't think it's hard to see that some personal property is required for normal adult functioning). Ebt doesn't buy you the pots and pans to cook the food in or a matress even if you can survive 0 notice police separating you from you residence.

Nothing can replace the love of the Lost pet or friend loved one in general. When the police enable someone who committed male fraud to take the remains of said Pat. Or when things you need to care for a pet a child a loved one that can't care for themselves are taken or held out of reach by the police they definitely play a role in these problems. If they can then come collect you for how you deal with that and that's as simple as words 

IMHO: we have a big problem.

I think the quickest way to get someone acting irrationally is when authority acts in a way that endangers and or is rash or irrational.

But hey if we can turn that into profit for pharmaceutical companies, job creation for imprisoning people..

I don't think you can protect the community without protecting individual rights. I also think / have seen a lot of histories atrocities were done under the guise of protecting people from themselves or others.

I also think this is a pretty classic situation of a lot of power and very little accountability.

It's a bit more complicated in practice. They layered accountability for letting people go. There's no accountability for violating the law or individual rights as far as I see.

Of course I could be wrong. 

Ethical Patch Proposal

In the mean time I feel there is a good interim solution. It's kinda back handed but I think it would help the public maintain trust.

rather than hanging a licenses and diplomas in their offices or state-issued badges and sidearms...

At least until the mystery wand isn't what you can expect to get from the Minnesota Justice and psychiatric care system.

Add the gavel I previously suggested and at least we'll have truth in advertising.

If we need to maintain trust and confidence with out context of how.. I think this is as good a solution as any.

I'm no longer sure if I'm hungry for freedom or a rubin.


90 % of US judges that violate law...

Mental Ward Questions


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