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Good Thing I Grew up with the Violaters I Had(DBT conditioning response and minimizing liability)

 I just left my room to use the bathroom. Which resulted in another patient asking 

"why don't you get up earlier?"

My door card is non existant.. I was stuck(locked out) and had no desire to talk to him. So I responded with a flat "please leave me alone"

"Fuck you! Go to hell, I hope you like hell"... He trailed off as he went down the hallway.

(He has an anger problem so though I know why it didn't make it easier to deal with in the moment or less hard to be stuck with)

Sticks and stones...or Marlene Wuethrich trying to push me over a railing...and felony thefts coerced labor, these things hurt words don't. 

Unless you're a pig. Butt hurt they are.

Here's what one of the people in my former apt building had to say

The DBT workbook I was given.
Why was the printer low on toner? It's no use fighting the past. This is the way it has to be. Which is you know productive for fixing the problem.

Remember the state of Minnesota would prefer  will drug you and teach you this about what it and others have done to you... er in Minnesota remember rather than believing you have rights you're supposed to 

recite the above.

Whenever life gets you down Mrs Brown 
oh s*** wrong metaphor

If cowboy bill has you down the well

The only appropriate answer in Minnesota is

"This is the way it has to be"
*Applies lotion*

if your parents use a mistake with their house when you are in elementary school; a few decades later decide to do everything they can to use it to poison you while physically and mentally abusing you.. stealing felony amounts and claiming  to own you

"This is the way it has to be"

And the state is there to ensure it

 if you're getting raped

Remember the line.

This is the way it has to be.

and remember societal norms indicate the lotion probably helps


if talking about it is a problem; I'll refer you to centracare's curriculum which suggested

 "write a blog"

I'm just following curriculum and or securing future revenue.

Granted I'm also turning it on his head.if someone would care to provide insight as to the scope of the application of the dbt..

Doing so in a way that hopefully highlights why policing and imprisoning people based on social norms not impartial and thorough investigations followed by impartial and thorough trials...

Leads to work camps gulags and brainwashing.

Of course the messenger wouldn't need a bulletproof vest. 

This is just the way it has to be.

 if I develop tardive dyskinesia because of it

This is the way it has to be.

Hey it might also be liability minimization through conditioned response.

Last but not least

it's the provider in Minnesota has a different definition of CBT more along the lines of BDSM and it's court ordered


Russia called they want their gulag back. China called called too they said good job.

the Brits just said that they prayed that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space because there's bugger all here down on Earth 

now it's going to be stuck in my head all day 

(Monty Python Galaxy song For those who missed the reference)

But hey it's not always about me.

Marlene Wuethrich draged this s*** into children's Hospital for about 20 years.

So I guess Minnesota's  implied or observed response is:

 is if your infant suffered or died from a fungal infection in St Paul children's Hospital NICU:

This is the way it has to be.

Actually Minnesota has a pretty gruesome history of the way things have to be.

90% of judges


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