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Hard to motivate

 Disgusting food, knowledge that after a raid and forced medication they will try to try me for the opposite of what happened.

Or more likely commit me again and eventually let me out in a up to 3 year pre-probation and 2 years of commitment possible.

Mn makes WIs mistake with the cop who brought Jeffrey Dahmer's victim back to Jeffrey Dahmer look humane

I had a plan and fall backs. Plan a was to get a job in California. I did the work to do that. 

I wanted to get another pet.

Finishing school was an option if I didn't end up gainfully employed in cali.

Point isn't breaking down every part the the sickest part is hearing docs assure you that you failed at things and not allow you to even demonstrate otherwise.

They've demonstrated on my CentraCare records they had even my age wrong but keep insisting on these things. 

Water boarding would be more humane.

Meanwhile i shit my guts out and take mist showers.

The state has taken or separated me from the majority of everything I worked for. Even my memories and keep sakes. Perhaps most relevant though my most recent resume and CV even while docs are asking why I never worked. 

So I get out to what 2 doc visits a month 2 pre probation probation a month, an empty apt and the knowledge the state will also notify paul and marlene Wuethrich of where I live?

If your parents claim to own you in mn .. or just in general if you are considering going near or moving to mn.. run 

This state is an incest hell hole that will force drug make you a felon and detain you for words.

in between selectively and or with prejudice enforcing its own laws and insisting on your intentions well disregarding context and or objective evidence to do so.

If a state could be a narcissist well...

Actually certain people I've been talking to have mentioned that the most likely to face this sort of treatment are those of low income. That actually lines with what I found in history when looking at who's most likely to get f***** by the law. Race is a big factor but overall and across history it's income and or means in financial terms.

If you bear with the assumption that some of the people doing this are creating these systems see those people as less I don't think it's a far stretch to abuse of small animals. Or more along the aspd criteria

After all when someone wants you to watch your words assumes you're intent and harms you with their actions while focusing on your words it's somewhere cluster b.


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