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Haven't Seen Traffic like This Since B4 The Raid

 This is visitors in the last 3 months

Last 30 days
If I could sustain about 2.5x this it would generate 200 to 400 dollars a year. Not much but this isn't much effort either.

The clif was likely due to a mis-tap on search engine settings. I'm far less familiar with blogger than WordPress and or raw html/xml sites. The graphs are nice but overall I think it's kinda a turd. But it's a free turd so...

What I'd like to do is transition to writing that evokes more of a conversation. It's hard to get thoughts out in an organized manner at all on a smart phone so I don't see that happening until I get another laptop. 

Ideally I'd get my laptop with all of my work on things like my welder, contracted work, my resume, my CV etc back. But from what I've seen of the state of Minnesota so far I'm not holding my breath. 

The county/court appointed attorney has simply said it won't happen untill they are done with the case and flat out refused (by not answering vm or fax) to even describe the process at that time. 

It basically feels like being in an info void.

Funny thing is I'm facing charges for allegedly stalking my parents. That same laptop taken has two years of recorded phone calls which should show otherwise.

But hey if we can take the evidence and then accuse you of a crime..

Let's one up at by declaring you incompetent for arguing the definition of stalking or that you might not have done that.

And give you months to a year with commitment and the probation officer. 

A corrections pre-probation officer because apparently everything is in the name not the definition and it works for them when they want it not when it doesn't.

Living in Minnesota...

About as happy as Sylvia Plath with an electric oven. Where the state plays the role of both the oven and the person holding her head in the burning but non lethal temps.

Interesting to see how people get here as well

The Facebook refer is either coming from my facebook (which im locked out of) or someone else having posted a link/shared it on FB messenger.

Also good luck to who ever ran a plagiarism scan. That might have been intended in a few ways. I suppose one could argue it is more likely to be my words if it doesn't score high on the plagiarism scan. It could be that that site randomly crawls as well. It could be someone was looking to see if they could sue me.

Not much I can do about any of the above. So not worried.. but interesting to think about.


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