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Might as Well be a Work Camp.

You have to work to get out.

When there's little but "trust me I'm a doc" to put you in and even if you have evidence against their claims no one is obligated to listen.

It might as well be torture.

If you had bills to pay kiss your credit score goodbye.

They also might take and or hold out of reach property that makes life and or tasks they ask of you easier. Well judging if you can do those tasks. And or setting a time limit. Oh you need this or you usually use this to do that while we're going to evaluate if you can do it without it even though you work for it and it's yours but we make sure you don't have it. 

For example leaving is dependant on finding housing. 

My car has been taken. I can't leave on my own accord to search out an apt. They evicted me with out allowing me to even be at that trial. 

The police took my phones and laptops. 

I bought an entry level phone. I'm locked out of my FB and most of my contacts due to not having the password and or having had it set to require another device to confirm/2fa .

Doing any search or productivity task on a phone is at least half the speed of a laptop. Having a dual monitor or high rez single monitor desktop is said to be double the productivity of a single monitor.

I own 2 laptops and 2 desktops. Can't touch any of them.

The case worker from the county has returned a call 3x in 174 days and she's now responsible for finding out if I can get my car back. 

So find living with out knowing if you have a car. Find it on a phone rather than your computer.
Find it knowing there are now restrictions 
Find it with out being able to call friends cause we took your phone and still have it

Oh and if you don't before the commitment is up we will argue you need to be recommitted because you're still in a facility.

If I was... No let's put this another way.. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that's what I did to people for a living.

That's highway robbery and thuggery. 
If there were safeguards like revised diagnosis criteria, punishments for diagnosis against evidence, higher standards in the trial.. it would be different.

As is they can grab you for anything, take anything and make you jump when and how high they want for up to 2 years.

As far as I can see It's getting paid to lower:
the quality life expectation and life time expected income of another person. 

But hey if we call it help... And offer 106k a year...
(106 is a rounded figure sourced from State Records from 2018 for my actual social worker) 

I guess it's easy to find takers.

Just to be clear this system might help some people. But without the sort of safeguards I'm talking about it's just as likely to harm. 

Here's a clear example of how my laptop could help me

Note the 0 signal.

The only place you somewhat have privacy here or any guarantee someone won't come up and want to talk to you about anything from the voices in their head to do you want to play a game is in your room.

there's one or two places my phone gets reception in my room.neither of them is comfortable to use the phone in that position.

quite capable of setting the phone in that position but then I need something to connect to it to use the internet.

I have to go online and fill out forms for section 8 housing.

actually I don't which is the more insane thing because I have a friend that's willing to take me in. But it's in my best interest to do that as a fallback

In general as I've mentioned any search you have to do online is two times slower on the phone than if you had a laptop. That's not accounting for having to find three different positions to hold your body in the phone and to even get it to download.

If my criminal public defender would get back to me or say anything other than nope there's no way you can get your laptop back until they're done with the trial which might be 3 years from now..

this is really sick I didn't hurt anybody I did not stalk anybody and I don't want to hurt or stalk anybody.

My mom on the other hand tried to push me over the railing at their house.

My laptop has recordings where my dad says he thinks he owns me
Both of them have been into what they've done.

Yet here I sit devoid of any purpose in life. Nothing that I worked for is mine.

Jumping hoops so someone who barely returns calls but makes 100K a year can just give me more hoops to jump.

Metaphor below:

We might as well say your mentally accused of witchcraft. Oh you have video feeds of yourself so showing that you were busy during the times you were accused of witchcraft? Showing other people doing it to you doesn't matter you're the witch because we say so.

We've now seen you for 175 days and see no evidence of witchcraft.but we're going to have to check you out in every other way and make you jump whatever hoop we want to anyway.

End metaphor

What's not metaphorical is when they mess up they cover for themselves and the other agencies involved.


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