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Locked out and unreal expectations in Minnesota


The more general issue is when the police can take anything they want from you and hold it indefinitely, sell it.. you from having it

This makes access to any of your online assets or accounts hard to maintain. Or maybe hard to ensure. if you have just one you're probably going to be able to figure out a way but if you're doing things right like two factor authent it gets tricky

What I find borderline torture is when it then comes up in court that you have no one that would take you in or know where to go when the reality is you might but the police took your phone for a raid that you haven't even seen the warrant of and you've been held in this mental word where you don't even have directory assistance let alone access to the internet or even if you had a phone they won't let you touch it.

the state has some soul searching to do if it's going to claim to be about anybody.

I don't think it's hard to make the argument that cutting people off from everyone they could talk to talk to considered friends whatever you want to say making someone disappear in a black hole for 6 months that's not good for the person that's not good for their future it's probably not a good way for society to be.

We've also got this problem where we're deciding who the victim is before the trial.

or you go to civil court and it doesn't matter if the other party shows up but now what you've applied make sure you're the victim ahead of time. It bans them from going near you or even answering your call but not you from going near them stealing from them or calling them.

So you might end up like me where people who literally claim to own you, have stolen felony amounts from you, used what they were holding on to to coerce labor dangerous to you or you are homeless with nothing..

well now you're forced drugged because the police took your evidence. The doctor didn't care you had evidence

The law was constructed in a way where it doesn't really matter either way it matters who made it to court first..

And get all this is supposed to help people meanwhile the person who made it to court first is declared the victim and is entitled to know wherever you live while this all happens to you.

but hey let's just demon delusion and drug him more

In the meantime I guess it's up to someone else to figure out how you both follow best security practices which require things like having a second device or code generator..

and maintain access to accounts you might need for adult life

With the realization that anything can be taken from you at any moment for any reason.

Or you could leave the state of Minnesota while you still can. That's not really an option for me anymore.

How to regain access to the body without tardive dyskinesia might be my next battle. Spoiler alert... That's quite often permanent

Should be easy to make friends if I can't escape people who have 2x stolen felony amounts from me. While I'm losing my hair from what's likely a fungal scalp infection and twitching from the life long side effects of the drug I'm being given.

I pointed out ways the law fell short while I was being endangered by often illegal activities of others.

I understand that could upset people. 

I don't deserve what's being done to me for it 

The logic is akin to:

he pointed out how someone could hurt someone,
How he was being hurt and or life endangered
How the laws that are supposed to protect are flawed and might hurt more

Hurt him.

Lock him out of a normal life while at it.

Of course I'm up for a thought out comment on how things might be diff. What I'm not up for is : you just don't understand why it is or needs to be that way.


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