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Minnesota's Gulag/Mentally ill is the New Political Prisoner

Apparently I wasn't the first to compare this to a labor camp or fathom that this is means of holding political prisoners.

I say apparently sarcastically.

I was committed mentally ill for things that if I had had access to my property I could objectively argue or untrue

The paper below was written roughly 30 years ago and in a slightly different context. It was discussing two other ways Minnesota has to commit you.

But with that in mind one could make the argument things have only gotten worse.

Lest ye forget; every good gulag has a mantra

My state issued DBT homework.


This is the way it has to be.

If you think that's an unfair comparison. You're entitled to your opinion. What I'd like to point out however:

The United States healthcare system causes between 100000 and 300,000 avoidable deaths every year. That's not counting people permanently disfigured disabled that's just people who didn't need to die that died due to medical error. If you run the numbers in the 20 years from 9/11 it's 6m.

which is playing with the scope but that's still a lot of people dead. the point is why are we forcing people into a system with that kind of track record?

The drugs that court order can leave life long side effects.there's studies that many antipsychotics psychotics actually lead to the development of full-blown schizophrenia.

They also tend to interfere with the chemical signaling for your heartbeat which gives you a two times risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

They mess with your blood sugar and can tip pre-diabetic to type 2 diabetes.

They can leave lifelong ticks tremors and uncontrollable muscle movements. A syndrome known as tardive dyskinesia.

Worse yet a lot of medical science indicates diet and stress levels play a huge role in mental stability and mental illness.

you can't protect diet without protecting the basics like property and if the police can put you out on the street, if there's no protection for personal property or assets not only are you almost certainly guaranteeing a hardship that might lead to symptoms that appear to be a mental illness

But in Minnesota that would also meet the criteria for then confining/detaining and or committing you.

What are we doing to people?

That's just the way it has to be.


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