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Park Place Apartments

Also known as the only apartment I lived in that I did not pick out. And the only apartment that I've been evicted from.

Although I'm going to try to get some compensation for that.I was being held at St Cloud Hospital during the trial and was not even aware of the trial.Minnesota seems to have set up a system where they can pretty much destroy every aspect of your life with zero evidence and are a trial you're not there for. Or have a public defender tell you to stay quiet while they fail to present exhibits you had for evidence or cross-examine once but that's a bit of a tangent.

Not only was I forced into this apartment, it was to be the place where I did labor on Paul and Marlene wuethrichs moldy car or lose 40 Grand in my possessions and the ashes the point of my rabbits.

I was concerned about contamination from the beginning. I was concerned that this was not a safe job for me to do this is not when I should have to do this is dangerous for my health this will likely contaminate living environment etc.

Apt that Paul and Marlene forced me into under threat of sign this lease now or you're homeless..

How to design where the apartments on one side were above garages on the other. Unheated um environmentally controlled space.

Which meant about as bad as you could get for if you're going to bring mold spores in from labor you shouldn't be doing in the first place.

You can see further down that I eventually had a dehumidifier in each room. When either one stopped it wasn't uncommon to see 60% relative

Not going to lie I had done some damage.

But what's important to note is had I not been yanked out by the raid I was more than capable of fixing that damage.

If you see the big black duct tape spot above...
In the photo below showing what happened to my head after cleaning that car...I'm actually leaning against the patched repaired wall.

Mold was present in the garage when I moved in.

It's my opinion Maple Grove Police participated in essentially bio warfare. They helped my parents' coerce labor that was dangerous to me and hang on to even my bicycle. Maple Grove Police helping parents steal their adult offspring bicycle leaders of the industry.
It's really disgusting.



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