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Run around, the illusion of freedom

 You can be free but only if xyz 

In my case I can be free if I find housing.

I can be free if I make an appointment with nystroms 

I can be free if I contact my pre trial probation officer to work out seeing him regularly 

(..gee that's not punishment before the trial. )

Start of July I made two appointments with nystroms. They Cancled on me.

In the past 3 days I've called 3x only to be told things like we couldn't make another one because your social worker isn't getting back to us.

I can't make an informed decision on where I'm going to live unless I know if I have a car either. And because the people who abuse the hell out of me physically and mentally, the people who literally claim to own me..

Because they filed ofps and also happened to have my car..

The only way to find out if I have a car or to regain possession of it is to again rely on the case worker who needs to contact the district attorney to see if she can contact the Maple Grove Police to see if they can contact...

But no I'm officially free as soon as I find housing. What I'm trying to point out there is I've jumped every hoop there has been given to jump. Then they tell you well you can go when you find XYZ but XYZ are very clearly in the court of people who are not me.

Meanwhile the case manager says if I'm not out of here they'll probably have to file for recommitment so I can be at the facility.

So in other words what freedom will look like is meeting with a parole officer several times a month, contacting my caseworker several times a month if I'm recommitted, talking to a private psychiatrist and or being forcibly drugged

Despite having evidence I was stolen from admission of that recorded, phone calls that point to what I've been saying about my mom trying to push me over a railing

Minnesota solution to freedom is if you want to own another person file an ofp that way you get to know where they live while you do things to them.

If it's inconvenient with reality let's just deem the other person delusional.

I said in my Civil trial we will derail ourselves if this is how we continue. We are allowing parents to pray on their children

I don't want to hurt anybody, I haven't wanted to hurt anybody.

I am still being hurt.


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