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Mold Car Marlene Wuethrich was driving to children's Hospital St Paul


Also known as the car that became coerced labor to clean on threat of losing everything that was mine.

This was actually at their house. Which had a 20-year mold problem. The car was theirs for 9 years and every night was parked in the attached garage.

This is the roof or headliner on the inside of the car.

The skylight
Eventually I was blowing this out.

under the trim panels

the driver's side seat belt normally hidden by a plastic panel

Contamination that spread into my apartment

This is what I looked like while living in their moldy house

The sunroof panel

It's my belief the actions of the Maple Grove Police endangered not only my life but also the lives of sick newborns at children Hospital and clinic in St Paul.

My life is further being indangeed for angry words said over malicious and often illegal actions of others.

Endangered in the form of force medication. That might have permanent side effects. Endangered in at minimum 7 months of my life have been taken it's looking like they're going to try to commit me for six more they could do it for a full another year or 6 months and then another year if I understand correctly.

More contamination of my apartment
My hair start of 2021

Of course every time I mention possible sinus infection and or scalp infection it's been treated as a delusion or self harm
Endangered in the fact that Paul and Marlene by way of the ofps they filled have the state notifying them of anywhere I live for the next year and a half as well.

This is a f***** up system. I didn't want to hurt anybody I tried to minimize damage to myself while doing things I never should have had to do but have little choice when it comes to lose the bodies of your pets 40 Grand of your things and be on the street or do whatever they say

Because even if you go on the street who's more likely to be able to get away the person who literally has the street or the person with income and vehicles?


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