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Uncomfortable and traumatic


It's also a balmy 68 deg at like 50 percent humidity in here. So when that itching crawling sensation hits the discomfort is multiplied by the cold of removing an arm from a blanket then trying to get warm and comfortable again.

Then there's the ear pain and now left eye socket pressure I'm guessing is related to this.

The eye doctor also confirmed that eye has a lot of floaters. 

How I was surrounded by the wrong kind of doctors and left disfigured while the state and or assisted abusive parents in doing the same.

You can push psychotropics down my throat or into my skin all you want.

Neither that nor the fact I wouldn't and won't hurt them will change.

I wouldn't be freezing in my own apt. I had both an ac , a heater and a ir heater. Also if police respected theft laws or eviction laws in Maple Grove I would not have been in this shape and or would have had my kitchen to cook meals that wouldn't leave me shitting my guts out freezing in pain and or hungry.

I think if we want to do this to people..we should at least provide better than we took from them or helped others take from them.

At very least on my own I could go get or buy an aspirin/nsaid.

I've been waiting 45min as the med nurse changed out only to then have them go on break.

But hey, my dr asked if my fears are reasonable today.

Which assumes quite a bit. Like there is reasonable when you are held in these conditions or when the state takes all the evidence for the claims you've made in a raid and then commits you for delusions that you could otherwise make us strong objective argument weren't delusions except they took your evidence.

what are reasonable fears when you're evicted after that raid without being able to attend your trial because you're being held at a hospital and they don't notify you of it?

we seem to have this problem where the medical system assumes it does no wrong. Yes rational is usually set for people by what they experience. It's one of the reasons that people that come up and abusive households often have a hard time identifying abusive partners. But when the state connect irationally drug you for it and then the person with a lot of control over if you getting out is asking you are your fears rational well you f****** tell me doctor what is rational?

Course I was still have to sleep didn't quite manage to get that out.

I did manage to ask what he finds rational to which she answered well that would be fierce like where you're going to live afterwards? Which yeah is on my mind. 

but no if we label everything we do to help then I suppose we can probably keep you longer for seeing it otherwise right?

Even if by most metrics what they're doing harms your future? Well not if we set what your reality is with labels and no attention to records recordings or anything inconvenient?

I don't worry about this but I would like to ask the question what's the line with brainwashing? When someone insists you haven't done something that you have and can show otherwise and then Force medicates you or haven't and can show otherwise vice versa...

And or your freedom is dependent on their opinion?

Where does cruel and unusual start?

it seems only if you can afford a lawyer after 6 months to 2 years of being held

There appears to be literally nothing you can do to break it once it's on you. While on the plus side that's nothing to be scared of then right?

Excuse me while I vomit. it's not fear it's disgust

MNs Mental Health Programs illustrated 

How I stay sane


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