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(updated) What's really fun about mshs wadena?

 When you want a prn but the med nurse and 2 other staff members are in the back room playing on their phones. Leaving the counter unoccupied and no one avalible to help patients.

Earlier tonight I was waving my phone flashlight at the window to the backroom. Managed to get ones attention long enough where she looked up from her phone to wave at me. Then went back to it.

I would bet that room is camera free. I know from the last two facilities staff on their phones is not something that's supposed to be. I've heard through the grape vine the state is doing mask enforcement checks by checking the cctv feeds at random 10min intervals.

Put 2 and 2 together and regardless of if it's 4; it's not great for the patients.

I also wouldn't doubt the lack of camera theory because there's at least one patient accessible room with out one(the kitchen) this place screams as cheep as they could get away with.

In other news: Still no 2nd keycard for room entry. The mag stripe is starting to disintegrate on my ebt card. 

I try to maintain a 3 to one ratio of walking down the hall to ask for my door unlocked vs carding the lock. In reality it's more do I have purpose in mind or do I want to lay down. But tappered by not wanting to destroy the card.

Try taking a shower or brushing your teeth when you need to ask every time you need everything involved. 

If you weren't insane before...

Mn conditioning people to ask the government for their each and every foot step /s 

But less sarcastically the offer to pay 2 bucks out of pocket for another hid proxi card is still standing.

I bet it's a way better deal than the state continuously sending me new ebt cards if this isnt remedied.

Actually I have a stack of hid cards somewhere in a storage garage.. but little hope of those being touched again.

Edit: what's even more fun is the next day they run out of your nicotine. Would be funny if someone checked that one's web history on the state computers. Every other time I walk by the med room, amazon, pintrist, Gmail, personal budgeting etc. Like it's kinda surprising she felt compelled to sit playing on her phone at all. Everyone's human... But she's more human than staff member I've seen in 180 days.



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