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Why didn't I just

 Move myself and my stuff out?

I had invested everything I had and taken money for contracted work to work twords having a middle class income future 

This could also be said as blaming me for being like 61%

Leave to a homeless shelter?

Rather than expect that the police would uphold laws that protect the right to live in a place you've paid rent and the owner refers to herself as your landlord 

Walk out on the street?

Meet the criteria for 72 hr hold and or commitment by default.

I accept what I said was over the top.

I don't accept this bullshit of pretending anything one comes up with on the fly was some viable solution.

Why didn't you work?

I did. Do you want to see invoices, expenses , client records tax records? Or just keep taking the word of anyone who says otherwise while holding helping hold and destroy ...

evidence that objectively argues otherwise?

Why aren't you accepting responsibility for your actions.

I do. Most of my actions were coerced labor that was dangerous to my health and to my well-being. At the same time what was on the line was $40,000 of my property. What was also on the line was the ashes and the remains of pets that I had just lost after loving them for 12 years.

Why don't you tell me how one could walk away with what's been discussed above rather than just ask why I didn't why I didn't why I didn't and why I can't. Why don't you explain to me why we have these laws when they're going to be applied with such discrimination?

Why don't you want to see the evidence contrary

Paul breaks the law often to force situations. Situations I see coming from a mile away. He'll then sit there telling me like he came up with the idea or I haven't done something I needed to when he created the situation and acted to make it almost impossible to escape. I'm sorry I'm not f****** superhuman I shouldn't have to go through this.

to the claims and wildly open-ended questions you make?

I take responsibility for what I said. Other than that I was working to do what I thought was best for me to minimize my losses. And minimize my chances of not being hurt. when felony level theft is an enforced after the fact after you've left that situation...

This is insanity if not torture.

My mother literally tried to push me over their railing. My dad is recorded saying he owns me

Why can't Minnesota protect people from predatory people? It seems to make a lot of talk about it but very little to investigate. It's a first come first serve to civil court and with these conditions we have no idea that the sanctions placed on someone aren't empowering the abuser

When we then risk a person's life with medicine that carries serious side effects some of them can be lifelong aren't we just doing the work of the abuser? Isn't the difference the quality of trial and the evidence why do we take so many steps to prevent that trial?


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