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111 Days In Jail and Ethos Questions for Minnesota

Is why I was absent from posting. 

Only to be left nearly clothes-less in the mn winter again.

 I'm at a group home now after a legal process that was more like a show.

A public defender who is sure he already discussed things with you despite not having done so.

Despite psych assessments that show u have no memory issues 

But nope ur knowledge nothing you said is being addressed will do you no good with a sterns county public defender.

All the sudden day 90 of incarceration with no end in sight the plea deal looks good 

Now I'm in a group home. C'est la vie. Except 

All my clothes are at mshs wadena. It's winter in mn and here are the shoes I was wearing the day they arrested me

I had finally re amassed a wardrobe consisting of three pairs of pants, two pairs of shoes and flip-flops, five shirts and a light jacket.

But once again the state leaves me with the clothes on my back

Seriously mn?

Even the Walmart windbreak I had would be better than just the sweatshirt I was luckily wearing day of arrest.

2 years ago I made a point to stop at REI and get some nice gloves and a nice hat. That and all of the stuff I owned all of the stuff I've ever been given but worked for or anything mine is being held from me.

This is more terroristic than anything I have ever done or said.

Speaking of potentially harmful actions

Minnesota is making people dependent on Minnesota it's giving people incredible amounts of power over other people. In the guise of protecting civil court declared victims...

Stop and think about that for a second civil court where the standard of evidence is the preponderance of evidence. 

Where the other side doesn't need to show up

Where the court might not care the other side can't show up

As I've put it before you could tie someone up in your basement then file and ofp against them and if they don't make it to court it's still passes. 


that's how we're defining who the victim is.

And this puts people out on the street this puts people away from everything theirs this puts people away from a fair response by law enforcement as demonstrated in my case. Not only did my parents take everything of mine, they came to my apartment and two times took felony amounts from either the car or my garage.

On this very site there's a call a recorded phone call of when I called the police to report that and that I had a confession of that and that they told me I need my head examined.

We created terror the state participates in terror when these are the conditions that you can put someone else under without any scrutiny Justice logic but hey we've got to protect women right? They say it's not about a gender but if you look into it further the federal office of violence against women pays States for certain laws and enforcing them

Do you think the office of violence against women has much interest in actually protecting men or you know protecting us as equals under the law? If there's financial incentive for States to protect women over men or to prostitute for grant money do you think it's going to happen do you think it won't be abused? Does history show that it works that way or does history show that most of the time if the government or a position of power can be abused it usually is.

I believe the later is true.

And make no mistake everybody involved is just doing their job. 

As long as we trust blindly and people think like this no one is safe from this. 

But back to the civil commitment part...

A Question of Ethos and Civil Commitment / Custody in Minnesota

If not having proper clothing for the elements is a commitable issue then shouldn't there be more emphasis on not stripping the property from the civily committed? 

Stearns county syndrome is real and it's infected the justice system

Perhaps it's just 

This group home does have one plus even though I'm nearly naked and forced to a state of unprepared for mn winter.

Here she is
Apparently she belonged to a woman that lived here.



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