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More Issues for MN's Justice System

 it's starting to be recognized that Minnesota  lawyers board of professional responsibility is a mess/ dysfunctional 

About 5 months I was preparing for the possibilty my commitment would be extended. I came across  Harvard educated lawyer Jim/James Gottstein and asked for some advice on my case and what he thought about what the lawyers border professional responsibility was doing with rule 8B.

Here's what he had to say:

"I have never seen anything like Rule 8(b) of the Minnesota Rules on Lawyer's Professional Responsibility.  I suppose they will say it is because they receive so many bogus complaints, but to me it is an acknowledgment that substandard representation is standard. "

My question is if people are jumping what might be a burning ship with things to hide or skeletons in its closet so to speak...

 what do we do to make right the substandard representation and or the results that people have to now suffer?

If no one's holding lawyers and especially public defenders accountable... 

TThe system it's terribly broken Justice is not being served. Or at least not up to the standards that America used to pride itself on.


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