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Black cat tries to get into museum


Loving this job

 Probably need a bigger monitor though I also got to see a the ray-ban stories frames in person today. Which were super cool. They have cameras microphones and speakers built in. (They work as a headset for phone calls and or music) What I found really cool is you wouldn't even notice they are smart glasses I still think I'll wait till they also have a display visible to the wearer. 

African Gray uses alexa


Dad my car is fine

 Idk why you emailed tenvoorde ford. But they called me on Thursday. Only thing wrong with this thing is the ac doesn't work and the frame will probably rust through before I pay it off. But that's kinda how it goes when you default on 20k and someone takes and or renders everything worthless to you. Here's a cool bird u might like though And a ton of black cats.

Back togeather

  Sans fan. Fan screws. Also broken off rotary encoder that needs to be replaced. Not sure I can trust the carry handle anymore The network port could also use a better cleaning than I could provide Test signal But it still functions. Except the broken off knob on the right is going to make it really annoying to use I'm pretty sure the plastic is impregnated with mold. There's also one big RF can over the inputs that I need to clean out better the next time I have it apart. I shouldn't have to do this at all. It's so cosmetically trashed it's probably not worth shit. It would cost $400 to replace it.

Power supply carnage


Bright future


More filth


What I still don't have

Any information on what happened to Clyde rabbits body. Either of the power supplies I asked for from my property. The water pick flosser. But hey my mom did try to justify their harmful actions by saying "I suspect something else was involved" What ever you suspect doesn't change what you did and how it impacted what I cared about and worked for. Or that I was right about your house and the physical issues lessoned to disappeared on removal from the situation. Or how many times you screamed at me saying it was in my head even after you paid to have your house remediated. But hey if u suspect taking everything someone loved, cared about and or worked for and trashing it... This is beyond sick

How moldy was their house

 Well id still argue that when words matter more than actions... We get police who participate in bio warfare and destruction of property. Unless I replace that fan this repair is somewhat hopeless