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time frame this intends to cover is 2017 - current. 2016 i was running from the st cloud mall attack though...from a store i worked at. paul and Marlene tell people ive never worked. I worked for a company that makes software for the SEIU (employer my dad retired from ) all the way back in 2002-3 and one of his coworkers there in 2006. I had found 4 business IT support clients on my own between 2004 and 6. why is this relevant? well I was also working an 11 dollar an hr telemarketing position with commission in 2006 and it happens to be the year I graduated hs. But in an intent to stay more recent and describe the destruction still being wrought on the entirety of my life...

Maple Grove police participating in what I believe was an illegal lockout eviction and continuing to this day destruction and contamination of my property have also enabled Marlene and Paul control of and ability to destroy most of the evidence I would need to demonstrate exactly how much I made in between oh let's say actually it's 13 and now shouldn't matter though I don't see where in law it does it would seem to be rather esoteric Unwritten and unable to be consented to Easy 2 based on a lie. willing to desire to crush people.

It's got to be really great to come from a small town and stomp on who you think is the spoiled kid not realizing I probably work harder than you ever will know no seriously fuck you

im not doing this much longer, ive been mal nurished for 3 years. I should have never worked a day in my life. police let them steal, try to push me over railing, open my mail, sign my name even on a check. currently helping them destroy everything ever earned or given by anyone else let alone Marlene Wuethrich and Paul Wuethrich. I had my first IT support gig at age 16 and charged $50 for the first hr $25 an hr after. by the time i graduated hs I had gone from mc donnalds to a mortgage refinance telemarketing position and 4 regular business for it support about 2 dozen homes around $70 to show up and $30-35 an hr plus $11/hr telemarketing and that had commission on top of it. 


on moving to st cloud I picked up a local business for IT Support and web design almost immediately, I also lost my oldest client. Paul and marlene still hold that hardware project as well as everything ever earned. this is the second time they have made me start over because they wanted to break laws lie and harm me. 

I then picked up a copy center job at a local office supply store, then a sales position at a wireless carrier and tried to help start a brick and motor smart device repair and IT store with a concusion.

Demanded, Requested or Accepted By Marlene & Paul Wuethrich (2018)

of the sort ive done professionally and regularly since 2004. in 2015 scsu biz law told a story about an old woman who walked to a personal protection agency to inquire about their services. no agreements were made, at the end the owner offers to walk her home because of its getting dark.  a week later she opens the mailbox and finds an invoice. yes shes obligated to pay it.

less related but just to show i was paying attention: you wont get a free roof if the company supposed to be doing the neighbors puts it on yours instead. though it is more complex and if i recall correctly it was something like value of new - value of existing.

also in contract law (as far as i remember) if value of a contracted good or service is not stated market average is assumed.

when i moved back in jan 2018 my mom stated "im your landlord now until you can afford every penny of moving out"

the value of the services Ive performed professionally in the past is currently 150 an hr. I could invoice for this but assume it was covering rent for the 10ft by 10ft moldy room.

  • at least once a month, usually once a week it was demanded i drop everything im doing to provide in-home computer support. something is ive done regularly for pay starting in 2004 (and by 06 had an accounting office, lawers office, print and engraving shop, car dealership along with 2 dozen home clients)
  • I was working on two computers that are "theirs" but custom built by me. 
  • I replaced two aging drives on a raid 1 array on the basement PC. ordered them a day apart, tested, established array, cloned old drives easily 5 hrs billable that month with just that. 
  • My dad wanted a better wifi upstairs. I sourced an ethernet over powerline kit and a network extender that also had an access point mode. went from modem/router in basement-lan cord-powerline----------upstairs----------powerline----lan cord--- ap/extender. Set the wifi channels at opposite ends of the spectrum on 2.4ghz band. Set same AP name and WPA2 code as basement AP. This effectively creates seamless roaming with most devices. there is a lower level identifier number that can be used to tell two APs with the same name aren't the same box, most devices eschew the security recommendations and ignore it. the reason for different channels is wifi is listen before talk and channels overlap aka channels close together may prevent data from being sent on either ap.
  • I installed a low voltage led control. power on power off dim with an rf remote. my dad had put LED lights under the kitchen cabinets. I had sourced a few of these cheap from china. I spliced the low voltage side of the normal supply, soldered and heat shrunk. this allowed the remote to be mounted on the wall by the normal light switch/usable as one enters the kitchen. 
  • left top is a PC desigused as a stereo or surround like box. it features a sata ssd for a boot disk, 4 tuner HD cable card compatible TV tunner card, it can timeshift/tivo and record the channel one is currently watching while recording 3 others in the background. Not in the picture is a 46 inch Samsung tv above it. some may have noticed that some cable boxes, blueray, etc are controllable via the tv remote. How that works is a standard called hdmi cec. its control signals over the hdmi video cord. I sourced an adapter to enable the media PC to interpret these signals as well so if one is in the TV app on the computer, the normal remotes channel button vol etc work as they would on any set-top/cable box. 

  • The red box on the right is a tube preamp for the turntable on the bottom left. I picked this up for them years ago when my dad wanted to be able to use the turntable with modern surround system. Turntables output at a lower level than today's surround receivers expect on any input. The amp on the right bumps up the signal level so records can be played over the surround system. This was way back in 2013 if i recall correctly but its here to show that this isnt basic "oh i took a virus off a computer once". I was also employed by ndsu's biz department and job functions would be aptly labeled anything from support to server architect. in 2009 I converted a row of 10 Pentium D dell Optiplex desktops acting as servers to virtual servers in 3 rack mount donated servers. way back in 2003 I was writing a for pay report on emerging mobile platforms for a company that does logistics and analytics software for the SEIU and teamsters.

audio was random video in background/disregard. This was testing one of the dimmers on my bench/at my previous apt. 

This doesn't include work I did on recommendation of the mold pro they hired. Its not something ive done professionally but it may be worth noting. They try to play it as if im a freeloader and will lie to my face claiming theve never seem me work a day in my life. if pushed it becomes "you haven't worked enough" ... 

before graduating highschool "normal " for my age jobs
Mc Donalds (end of 15 start of 16) Target, Nat Cam Exchange, Target (Plymouth and briefly), Mortgage refinance telemarketing position. this last one was 11 an hr base in 2005 and if quota was met and the loans cleared commission was earned on a percentage of profit the company expected to make. these checks were substantial. If i knew now what i knew then/ at the moment i feel a little shady but a 17 year old knows next to nothing about what an ARM is as far as mortgages are concerned0 

paid by isd279 for video production

jr high, website for a company off highway 55 that sells safes and knives, report on emerging mobile platforms for a company that does software for SEIU and Teamsters. I had internet in my pocket between a pocket PC and the first phone with Bluetooth, back 2001-2002 so yes i was young but i was also qualified. most people consider the first time this was possible the release of the iPhone around 2005. 

if you're reading this as an elected official and were on dfl/labor ticket did your campaign feature any lit drops by labor unions? that companies software-enabled planing and routing it. 

as i mentioned above car dealership, accounting office, print and engraving shop, law office.

I had put a card that i made in 9th grade darkroom/screen printing class up on coffee shop help wanted boards. I got my drivers license about 3 months into turning 16. The first time I visited the 3 person CPA office my mom had to drop me off as I only had my permit. I had that client till age 26.

in 04 i was invoicing $50 for the first hr $25 after.

the second summer of college just on web design I made more than my at the time girlfriend waiting tables 40 hrs plus a week. what should have been a clue but is relatively easy to overlook, the whole summer at their house i was hearing that im lazy and need a real job. 

06-07 I did the campaign website and computer for a guy that ran for district rep of mn 50b. my dad recently said he could only remember me working for a cellphone store once. This was one of his coworkers at seiu local 284. around 2012 he mentioned that the aforementioned candidate was still raving about how reliable the computer was. 

I spoke to him myself around 2013 intending to use him as a reference when i applied at a company called CACI in Dahlgren, Virginia. He said he would be happy to then.

in 2018 they began showing who they really are. both verbatims have said " I get what i want when i want" which ive seen includes telling police absolutely anything as an extension of that/means to that end.  I sometimes find myself yelling "YOU DO NOT GET TO DEFINE MY PAST PRESENT OR FUTURE WITH WHATEVER YOU WANT TO SAY IN THE MOMENT"

the description given in the link below of one woman's npd mother is actually kinda tame compared to either of my parents in rage mode. 

this list is nowhere near complete. but hopefully gets the point across. 

The point of this isnt nikle and diming them, its that they are trying to rewrite history after taking control of everything ever mine earned or given and have been destroying it since Aug 2018. they use lies to police and Hennepin county courts to create their position of power and ability to terrorize. meanwhile they are also doing things like stealing my id and garage remote out of car in parking lot, opening my mail signing my name on documents in my mail with out my knowledge or permissions or sometimes when I knew something was coming (like 2019 health care renewal) and reminded them 2 mo before and 2 mo after i would like it forwarded (see forced lease link on nav bar as to why i didnt file change of address)... what i got was them sending the cards in the mail. the year before while i was at hotels they held it claimed i failed my duties as an adult (while i was banned from the house and being shuffled between 5 hotels in 6 months but the first month alone was actually 4 hops between 2 hotels). They still have my pet rabbit bonnies ashes amount other mail held. 

2017 Repairs

ill add pics of these later. notably my dad had agreed to finance an operation after a year and a half of me working till i drop between a job at the mall and a start up shop i had been spending nights at to do what others wouldnt. he made it very clear id have to pay him back, so i also took on work from an associate /friend met at a security convention years previously who happened to live in California. another friend working for a big "F"ing company also thought he could use the hardware design projects and his recommendation to give me a leg up at that major tech corp also in California. notable because he had nothing to gain by mentioning this. Also notable because having not seen him since highschool he gave me a tour of this large corps closed to the public campus when I was in California for a week in 2016. 

but on the front of having a shop, I did about 30 repairs while setting up the workbenches to do them at, working on the equipment i built to rapidly prototype printed circuit boards. teaching myself CAD, working on things like an inventory of assets (which isnt required for an llc but if i remember business law correctly it cant hurt esp in helping show a transfer and separation of entities, couldn't hurt for insurance eitherway) 

among those repairs were a st cloud local investment banker. 
st cloud local commercial real-estate agent 
commercial insurance agent. 

i cant say what would have happened with the investment banker. I can say he was happy enough with the repair that he was calling me back asking when i would have flyers for him to hang at the office. this is after I had discounted the repair because it was less work than another method. he had apparently looked all that up and insisted i take at or a little over what it would have cost. clients like that are rare. ive been doing just the IT side of things for various businesses and homes since age 16. I've really only had one other like that. most will happily pay what the agreed price is but as an example of the other end, ive run into some that for instance: didn't want to pay for the time their ancient computer took on load/progress bars installing. 

what grinds my gears beyond belief is there was one repair i took as a notified, hey this isnt economical to rush, i can do it if you let me keep it as free time allows. I had it working and also had managed to find a thrift store replacement as the bleeding started from the mold. I was neither able to return the repaired device or the backup replacement because maple grove police allowed my parents to 0 notice lock me out of the house i moved back into 8 mo after moving back in. 6.3k of it services were preformed for paul and marlene in 8 months and marlene had stated at the beginning she was my landlord. 

so lose everything, gain toxic mold, lose reputation with clients worked hard to please. lose social connections and one of which was a friend whos company paid for the parts paul and marlene still destroy sweet deal. 

as i write this 3 years malnourished 30 days hungry in 2019... in month warn clothing, losing my hair with clyde in the freezer and paul having 2x said he owns me once that he bought me and wanted me to repeat the word slave. FUCKING AWESOME!

2017 designs

I'm going to have to add more to this. I taught myself UV lithography. I designed a vacuum pull down exposure device I sourced the low iron glass I built the rest out of Plexi. I made the etch tank out of Plexi. I taught myself computer aided circuit board design.

I did this because I had some things I thought were salable if I could produce them I knew producing them was possible by sending it out to a board house I also knew because I don't have any electronics engineering background that one oops and a two week wait on the design plus the associated cost could get prohibitive. I had also realized that one of my projects that I had already been working on for the past two years just can I do this part of it can I do that part of it and make it work But eventually I'll need a board well I realized if I swap a few parts out it would fit perfectly with what a friend I met at a security conference in 2014 needed for his company. I used my social circle to make it worthwhile. It was working Paul and Marlene took it away even though he paid for it The spot welder was needed to produce the battery packs economically and lower liability for the price

My mom's first lie was thinking or telling people I made myself sick playing with chemicals. Except I had university chemistry. I looked up. Edu charts for chemical compatibility for the gloves and containers I followed lab chemistry protocol learned at college. This mask was only really needed and those were not the cartridges that I wore but it was only really needed for the mixing. After that you don't want it in your eyes but fumes aren't much of a concern unless you're actively heating it. this mask was $100 and provided at the time now scratched a hell because of Paul and Marlene provided at the time crystal clear viewing as well.

I hadent yet added the vacuum pump when these pictures of the exposure box were taken. I had a pile of plexi from a roommate years ago. he worked at a hardware store and would bring home discards (scratched,odd cut scrap and otherwise discard) I figured it was time to put it to use for something.

The pipe was kinda rediculous looking but I couldn't go rubber as it would collapse and limited myself to what I could find at home Depot to adapt hollow layer in bottom to eBay vacuum pump. I never drew plans for this I just winged it 

the long and short is: prep copper clad(pcb blank) with scrub and various rinses. drop board into the distilled water bath, set living room lights red/ under led (preferably red) light: float a sheet of blue stuff on distiled water, then place in pouch and send through laminator if doing double-sided repeat. then comes pattern exposure using the box above. the bellow middle and left are after developing. 

dunk in acid
this tank was surrounded by a plastic-lined wood crate shortly after taking this photo. that also included a pre rinse bucket. for both liability (like epa and apt) reasons you dont want cupric down the drain. practical reasons as well... like you tend to enjoin a drain pipe. Cupric is stable to a pretty high temp i dont recall nearly 4 years later and if you dont get it in your eyes you are pretty safe. getting it on your hands will eventually burn you (or so i read, was careful to avoid) but the main risk is the toxicity of the dissolved copper. get it above its stable temp and chlorine gas is the risk. Before mixing it i purchased a full face respirator and proper cartridges. Afterward I used it mainly as a face shield. 

After acid is on the right, actually thats with one additional step over most the board. its called thinning. the final step is solder stop. which is the black layer on the left or green top right. the top right board was a test iteration of the board on the left. 

Top of the exposure box and yes that is literally a can light fixture bracket. I found it in a dumpster. The heat sink is from an Intel looks like core to quad maybe. A 4.1 watt UV LED is on the other side of it shining through the hole. The bottom is three layers thick the middle one is mostly hollow to allow pulling the air down through holes in the top layer of the bottom if that makes any sense. If the transparency has any air gap you get refraction and less fine features

This is one I sent out for (but my design) Some may recognize the purple (OSH park)

I was ready to file an LLC on top of all this. 

 I knew how to do that from business law at St cloud State. I knew how to make that actually protect. I know that the articles here are posts with the label vengeance tech don't help but my phone is full my laptop is full my desktop has been stolen my server wasn't meant for storage of massive quantities nor is it set up like a desktop. nor do I have the funds to actually do it nor do I have the hardware that I sunk a lot of my money some of other people's money and some of Paul's money into on his agreement. This is f****** nuts. But I analyzed the risk to me and even communicated with Paul that the biggest problem was the PCB and the design stuff might take away from me being able to stay current with IT which is my main focus. So hey let's add three years of bleeding and dealing with mold. Let's spice it up with death and malnutrition now let's add court battles while he doesn't even have a printer

You know when your house gets moldy by your own doing so you literally try to make sure your son is brain damaged after he demonstrates he can teach himself a lot of the concepts of electrical engineering and PCB manufacturing while doing electronics board level repairs and IT support on an agreement. Yeah that's this. Oh yeah and he detected the problem in your house and the mold guy confirmed it was from 2001 when he was in elementary school. I really f****** hate this

Side Stream Revenu

my intent was to have narrated videos of repairs and demos of my projects on youtube and on the vengeance tech site. I produced videos professionally for isd 279 back in 2003-4 and various things in between and have a legal copy of adobe cs master collection. 

I had aquitred a head-mounted HD cam and lapel mic as the mold hit. The poor excuses I have posted are from phone cams taken hastely as Paul and Marlene attempt to run me to death and destroy everything after the efforts in anyway

10k subscribers on youtube and you start making ad revenue. one electronics channel that i know of is making 60k a year for 3 videos a week 

my thought wasnt primary income but if im doing repairs and designs anyway... at very least its a portfolio

I also know a bit about how to make sure people find them and part of that is have an actual website optimized for search... this is a piss poor example of that but this site is designed to stay up for years at a prepaid cost of 12 a year for the domain. blogger attaches for free. blogger is kind of a turd. im kinda being run to my limit or i could polish the turd but ... meh

I did however have a word press self-hosted on a server on my floor over dsl for about 4 months. I had set up google ads (banner adds) on that (a separate revenue stream with no 10k subscriber min) and was projected to make 10 dollars a month by the 4th month. 

the two would have synergized because links boot the ranking on any given search term result. aka is it top of page one or bottom of page 5. other tricks i dont want to share at the moment because i might not have a computer tomorrow. Maple Grove PD would probably say i hurt them if they came up and cut my hearty out in my sleep (parents) 

notable thing about that 10 a month projection, it was 70 percent about how screwy and deadly this situation is (not target audience for a tech company tech blog) tech was getting the hits though (its all trackable with analytics

every bit of even the server on the floor and network around it has been made to take 10x as long because i dont have most of my things. the server was because up till the end of 2019 my dad was leading me on saying original plans would be allowed but not allowing me to eat via criminal activity. mgpd decided they might ber liable if they change horse mid murder. so im still in empty now infested shit hole. i started building this server in the hotel jumping period while setting up a virtual private server in another state to host a business clients site at the same time. aka thats why i have it/its not locked at pale and murderlenes house. 

thats from my 80/40 dsl connection in Minnesota to D.C.
The server is running KVM its still doing my router, i have the site down for reasons i may explain here later or it may just go back up or i might just not be alive tomorrow idk. 

but basically the dsl modem is in transparent bridge. i have a /29 block of 5 usable static IP v4 addresses
a router firewall guest on kvm does the pppoe via sr iov x540 network adapter.
I have a public lan subnet and a nat subnet
word press was on another kvm guest and rocking LiteSpeed webserver enterprise.

i would bet this was a 3rd hand motherboard. I would also bet by the WTF were you thinking excessive use of thermal compound.... someone had purchased it second hand for crypto mining. I know it wasnt first hand because the board while made by Gigabyte is branded DATTO. which did server/datacenter back up as a service but facilitated it with a rack mount hardware box. aka this particular board couldn't have been bought from the mfg. 

passthrough allows a nvidia 1050ti to offload cctv cam frames so i can use the box as a security cam recorder as well. 

Hotel VPS

ill add later. also the check included 2018 updates done on the clients site and SEO work. but all 2k made in 2019 and less because of games paul and marlene play... went to their mold issues. 

Contracted Projects Still On Hold Being Destroyed.

Pen Testing (security auditing tool)

Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder 

this was not intended to be sold in this design/itteration. I needed it to assemble the battery pack for the project above (paid project) intended to sell blank board with parts list in next itteration. The device you see above I designed in cad. I then built a vacuum pull down uv exposure box, mixed cupric chloride after building a vertical bubble etch tank... I taught myself PCB cad built the tools to do UV lithography and had working boards in less than 6 months. 

from never even having worked with plexi glass before (the tank and the frame for exposure box) and of my designs/ideas. this was the result of 29 years first interested in computers and then trying to learn how code executes at hardware level. mechanicly ive always been half decent. 

the pic above is after exposing the cad design onto the laminated pcb and developing. the blue protects the copper i want to save from the cupric chloride bath it was about to get. the finished product is in the video doing its thing. Im welding nickle tab to nickle tab. usually they weld between lithium ion cells to assemble packs. for reasons of mini  hand gernade i didnt want to jump right in and test tab to cell before i got the feel for timing power levels. I also programed the mcu that ran it. I had intended a touch screen but when mold hit to get this going i added code so if hooked to a laptop "a","q" and "s",w" keys on laptop keyboard would increment or decrement welding pulse width by 1 and 10 ms 

a us made commercial equivalent (well designed anyway idk if made here) it costs 3k. which is why i made one instead. 

more to come.

 one project I got to do with the MIG welder Paul and Marlene stole April 2020

The midwelder I bought with part of a savings bond left in my name by my grandmother on my dad's side.

I'm not claiming to be an expert welder but I picked it up pretty quick it would have been incredibly useful it still could be except a thousand plus dollars worth of equipment stolen police won't do anything because how do we know your parents didn't pay for it? Well they came into a garage they're not on the lease for and took it is that not burglary?

Plus with Maple Grove allowing them to ste al or take everything from cars how am I supposed to hang on to any proof of anything? My phone and my laptop are nearly full. This is ridiculous

But this was also one of the best investments I've ever come across because I had watched since 2012 what a 140 amp 120-volt welder goes for. Clearly the 140 is on the output not the input. In all that time350 was the cheapest I ever saw it got 400 to 600 was regular. Northern tool came out with the klutch line of inverter welders. I happen to be in the store right as they were clearancing version one because version two was coming out. I picked it up for $150 knowing I could double my money if I needed to even after using it. Well I guess not because it's stolen with a felony amount of goods but hey I can go somewhere if anybody or rather the same party can repeatedly steal anything they want every moment right that won't set me back? You all had to start from the homeless shelter right after someone poisoned you right no you go home to your suburban f****** homes after enforcing this nasty incest s***. I digress

Note this was a mechanically actuated plow . Human power ed. I saw eBay had actuators for $20. It was right when they came down because for a long time you couldn't get them for that cheap. I came up with the design in my head I made it real. I'm not claiming to be the best at anything but if laws would be followed especially the type where it's malicious one person against another or in dangers or allows independence

 I'd probably f****** be somewhere by now

It's worth noting whatever you want to believe about me it's medically known parents that sabotage and will break laws to do it exist. Maybe I'm full of s*** but if this is how we allow people who are probably having it pretty rough whether it's externally visible or not to be treated if we then have to judge them that they are either what the parents say and or possibly in need of psychiatric services by default eventually you're going to screw over someone who would have brought Minnesota a lot of income I'm not saying it would be me I don't know I could probably take care of myself because I have in the past. That said when everything can be stolen from me and anything and repeatedly it is breaking every relation I need between healthy behavior and not starving between work and reward


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