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John Wuethrich

Who is John Wuethrich?
I'm the biggest son of a b... Retired seiu local VP that now refers to me as human property you will ever meet.

Thought I was going somewhere else with that ? She's an NP in some circles you needn't say more.

Ancestry or genealogy .com says Wuethrich means tyrent. If you call me Mr Wuethrich I'm going to assume you're looking for my father.

I'm also someone who deals with trauma in my own way. It may not be unique. It doesn't have to be..but most of this site was the product of extream trauma and I had little choice in the matter. I'm not saying I couldn't have done things differently. I could have can and will. What I can't do is change other people's actions. Aka no one has total control over what's done to them and a lot of the trauma and risk was worsened by unequal enforcement of law and protection of rights. 


 Ive purposely chosen photos without people ive known . this has been done for 2 reasons. one my parents  for 2 years have engaged in everything the ofps ban me from doing. aka social poisoning. I dont wish anyone undue stress or harassment or need anyone that might otherwise stand behind me to be hearing  from a suposibly trusted source like my parents what ever the lie due jour is. 2 im not sure who wants to be associated with me and dont want to drag anyone into it. 

John Wuethrich on ifunny 

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John Wuethrichs amateur radio license.

I'm trying to make this page rank higher on a search for john Wuethrich 😋


I loved my pets. 

Clyde rabbit under an Xmas tree

Xmas tree clyde rabbit
Bonnie rabbit at a house I rented in West Fargo 

Bonnie rabbit outside

I don't have pictures of my parakeet or fish before. I've always felt that one commits to a pet and is obligated to it for life. they arnt objects. while they might not be people what I've seen over the years tells me they feel in similar ways to how we do. 

Clyde at a hotel in 2018
 Bonnie st cloud apt 2015

Cosmos, our last time outside, the day before he died in 2017

this was Cosmos cats last night alive may 2017. he died the next day in my lap

france 2009

Jp Wuethrich infront of an A340 engine

  both Bonnie and Clyde would run to me if they felt scared.. even if outside. Clyde asleep on a hotel bed

this was at a pet friendly hotel in the last few months of 2018. Bonnie had died after 3months in my parents care. my dad threatened to put Clyde in the clothes washing machine. the first opertunity I had Clyde came to the hotel. what's notable here though.. as a pray animal a pet friendly hotel was full of smells of preditor. yet if I was there Clyde was bullet proof fearless. 
 Clyde Sat by her for 3 hrs until the vet closed. I had hardly seen either of them in 3 months and had to bring him to say good by 4 days after she died. She was scared to death. it was the only time in 10 years she had been to the vet alone. My mom let her get so skinny while "i just dont live there anymore" that 10 min after the vet said she will need syringe feeding...I still wake up screaming their names.

her remains are among my mail still held by parents that claim to own me. 

a differnt day he was sunning again while I worked remotely on a web server. I took a photo and maybe 5min later....thud.. he rolled off the bed sleeping and sunning himself. 

somewhere I have a picture of me on a horse, which I'm not sure why I ever agree to but had probably happened upwards of 10 times and only once was a horse tour guide sorta pay to ride a horse on a tour thing. I would like to thank a long time friend once girlfriend for seeing the tree through the forest.. or rather that if I stepped out of the circle of 2 horses chacing each other with me in the middle and in dense woods... I'm sure that was hilarious from any position but my own

compared to anyone else my age I'm not sure if I've done more or less. I'd posit that if that's what one is concerned about, they're doing it wrong. I know the first time I wanted to help others was watching grand forks ND flood then burn on the news. I was an elementary school student and tried asking my mom to take us to sand bag over my spring break. neither she nor my dad was having any part of thst idea lol. 

a friend of the family had multiple sclerosis and in Jr high I learned there was a bike tour called the ms 150. I ended up riding that 3 or 4 summers in a row after collecting over the requsit donations each time. 

fargos record floods I finally got my chance to sand bag. both years I was at the Fargo done helping fill them. 

the same year as hurricane sandy I went on a ND to DC cross country bus trip that stopped to help places in need along the way 

over the years I've also helped my dad with various lit drop campaigns the SEIU was backing/preforming. I know with out a doubt I was helpimg on the welstone campaign before that tragedy. the most recent was 2014.

heres a private event afterwords:
My dad would appear to want it both ways, im crazy in 2018, yet Nov 2014 he has me 10 ft 0 security from Senator Amy Klobuchar, Former Senator Al Franken and Former Governor Mark Dayton 

but as Paul and Marlene wuethrich say in private "I get what i want when i want" and mgpd + Hennepin country 4th district seem all too happy to oblige. 

Ham Radio
my great uncle was W0bsi and at 13 years old I became kc0jsf. I'm not sure I would have passed highschool had I not pushed myself for that liscense exam. it took me 3 or 4 trys. what changed on the last one is I figured out blank note cards over the lines I wasn't reading stopped the text from wobbling and shifting. eventually I was down to one note card and then reading with out them.  It took me a while and I still sometimes have to think out right and left. at about 24 I discovered something called meth dyslexia. When I was in first grade I had to miss recess to see a Para I'm not sure why Maple Grove never caught it ISD 279 that is but they had me working with this big yellow clock with blue letters I think it was orange and blue gears on the hands so they would turn each other I can still see it pretty well in my head, and would work on knots for tying my shoes. As far as they have been able to learn this is pretty much the Hallmark of mathematic dyslexia in children.

Video Editing
Before I had even been taught the term linear editing  8th grade editing grade me wanted to make a video about 9/11. Somehow I worked it into a junior high assignment. What I basically managed to create was a linear editing Suite with two VCRs and a Pentium one Sony Vaio with an ATI all in Wonder graphics card this was actually in 2001. By queuing up the video out and switching between that and another VCR playing clips I had recorded from the news I was able to edit together a presentation on 9/11. Around that time I joined team TV which was a district279 program that top video editing with a cross-cultural spin. After that ended two of us from Maple Grove in two of us from Osseo were selected to create psa's for the district for pay.

Computers, Web Design, Coding
I'll come back to this. Its currently in several posts through out the blog. 

Growing up our family vacations were always extensions of the SEIU international conventions. first every 2 years then every 4. summer of 11th grade I went on the maple grove sr high french trip. sr year would be the first time I flew completely alone. My dad had an aneurysm surgery in Huston tx I stayed as long as i could but had to return so i didn't fall too far behind in sr year. MGSH oddly enough also went to TX that year. The band trip was to San Antonio. That trip was via bus. I had figured out mobile web around 2001-2 It might be easy to forget or taken for granted today but because I had a Bluetooth compatible phone and laptop on that trip, on the way back we were able to visit the Oklahoma city bombing memorial. I pulled up mapquest on my laptop on request of one of the adults who had the idea. The summer before on the school french trip I had rigged up a SIP VOIP line and bought a Bluetooth headset. Anywhere we found wifi I was able to let people call home with a Minnesota local number, from France in 2005. Summer of 06 I spent 45 days backpacking Europe alone. 
Germany Frankfurt Germany alone at 18. I caught the last half of the world cup in 06. maybe a week later i was at musee d'orsay. aka it wasnt just a party. I found this pic to be appropriate here because I thought id show what true peace officers look like. 
 time square 2013 china town in sanfransisco 2015?


Basque festival in southern france hoping holister blends with the red and white


touring the delta repair hub at msp with scsu travel and tourism group. 

same tour. flying would be cool though. avaition slowly crept in as a passion over the years but not one ive actively presued much. 6 years ago i had parted out a quad copter drone that if built i could have guided via quarnence and lte modem. fcc and faa would probably frown on it though. Begale  bone black was where that waw at....more wasted time in a society where aledged potential violence from parents commiting crimes they admit to eqquals police deprivbing one of soon life itself and along the way right to own property. (mgpd im looking at you)  I was responsible for getting the lights on in the bus. who ever designed that UI did a really goood job. It was like an A350 and our tourguide was behind like 30 people at the back of the airstairs. I was first or second up and realized the plane was only lit through the windows and overhead lights in the hanger. on the wall i noticed a dim glow that might be a touch screen in sleep mode. 3 taps later the cabin was lit. tour guide did a double take a top of the stairs. Thats really how user interface should be. weve done the studies on how most people thing. weve done them as it applies to interacting with thech. yet companies like ms have their own ideas. new MS Windows 11 where product licenses you!

this was actually in VA. im not sure if the horse is aware of its residency though. 

I was by no means a health freak. I had taken steps and learned what worked for me. I had also invested in things like stainless steel and silicone cookware/utensils. Im aware I may be at risk for type 2 diabetes and of facts like after 25 the body stops repairing as well as it used to. I went from cooking things like indian chicken curry from scratch to mostly a quicktrip diet. I think the way mns legal system is set up is creating a , who cares about rights or what violating them does to people... the harm creates jobs either in adult care or the morgue fashion. Evidence of this can probably be found in the fact that no harm no foul keeping someone from following medical advice or police enforcing it. but ... i digress.
more mental health but i waws working at a breakneck pace through the death of cosmos. this was a coping mechanism. its a list of things i wanted to remember about him.  thats also why he appears on a board i etched (pic bellow).

Electronics, Board Design, Board Level Repairs

this was to be the back / "silk screen" layer of a general purpose electric cutting and welding control board i laid/design out in CAD. 432 components, 900 interconnections/wires/traces all wasted time. most of the parts rusting in my parents garage. my $400 ociliscope is growing mold. 

I've always had a strong intrest in electronics and computers. only recently have I expanded my electronics skill set but it matters little. in 6mo max I went from having read about UV lithograph 6 years before and never having used cad software to deciding through hole sucked. I grabed a pile of plexi an old roommate had left years before and fabricated an Etch tank and the structure for a vacuum pull down UV exposure box. 3 plexiglass layers on bottom chemically welded with paint stripper one layer mostly hollow allowed the side to be tapped and holes in top of bottom with some Walmart sourced weather stripping, digi key sourced 365nm powerful single emitter, old Intel cpu heat sink and a ceiling can light rafter spanning box/bar. called around and everyone wanted insane amounts for the final part but then the local glass repair store managed to source low iron glass at like half the price anywhere else had it.

through-hole (above) about the smallest nonpassive chip commonly used is 8 connectors though transisters are 3. regardless of pins when you consider that without printed Circuit boards you strip both ends of a wire and solder at least 2x per... making every Conection at once by etching them on a copper-clad board starts to make a lot more sense time wise. 

 I pulled off 8 thou on 2oz copper and probably only etched 8 boards total. 
there is an Australian youtuber who used to design pcbs for a living. he now makes something like 60k USD doing 3 videos a week on youtube. hes talked about having done the whole process on his own and said he eventually got down to 8 thou on 1oz. I dont have much else to compare it to as mold hit soon after i achieved this. 

most of the documents and records i kept were at my parents. funny thing about allowing or police enforcing a 0 notice lock change and then expecting anyone to prove anything... its a racket. 
 by far the oddest build ive ever done. booting a dual socket lga 2011 on the desk in a hotel room. why did i have linear fluorescent tubes? the parking lot was traversed by a high voltage powerline. yeah that explains it all right?
 this was on a rented vps from hostwinds. I had set up lxc/lxd and had a production environment running the clients site and was working in the dev environment to replace the email based order form. at worst case i would have written some back end code to talk to vantives API. the solution the client had when i found him was advertising tls and server to person ordering sure was encrypted. back end it was going out pop3. worse yet the server the site was on was billed as a vps but hosting 12 other sites. the horrors you can find when a server admin leaves shell_exec() enabled in PHP. especially when Wordpresses editor is still enabled and no containers or chroot are in place. ...(cat /etc/passwd); oh...well thats nice... It quickly became a dash to get control of the domain name and a copy of the site. I then from a basic install of centos implemented linux containers and 3 static IP addresses. the two web servers and a 3rd that only had a port open for openvpn. a shell script passed the vps root IP to one and assigned the other 2 containers addresses using the ipvlan driver. at the time i started this it wasnt yet implemented natively in lxd. i was creating them with a shell script then attaching as a physical passthrough. the vps was OpenStack /kvm based and offered one mac per instance which weighed heavily on how I set everything up. eventually probably could have eliminated at least one of the 3 ips but this was all rushed with a desire for little downtime so i did what i did while bouncing between hotels.   

  ever seen a 42 inch never in 4k? this isnt that kinda site.

also that is not just ubuntu. its running inside kvm  on intel clear Linux. pci-e pass through  enables the guest to own the nvidia 1050ti driving the display. 

this is done  not for the usualal purpose of gaming. normally there is no display attached to the card.  I use it to offload transcoding of IP cctv feeds

my dad was a public school bus driver, then a full time union organizer. my mom is a cnp with children's hospitals and clinics in st paul. I feel thats worth noting because several times through out my life people have either said or implied they must be in tech fields. this isnt the case. they didnt see the need for a computer at all for quite a while. my first computer was that our neighbor (Nancy RIP) snagged from a dumpster at her work. pretty sure it was a Intel 80386. It was DOS and floppy floppies. The point im making is they dont understand nor are they qualified to judge success or failure of anything i do but thats precisely what they decided to do and are now trying to rewrite the past. 

over the years ive done ice skating, cross country skis, snowboarding, biking, skydiving and managed to pop up once for all of 3 seconds on a wake board but never again to repeat it. tubbing to but idk that holding on to something is really in the same category. 

Sky Diving 
so far ive only got to do this once. That said i did it in a way that isnt for the faint of heart. Rather than a tandom myself and 3 friends did the first course one takes in getting a liscernse to skydive. aka after 5 hrs we jumped with out being strapped to anyone. It was one of the most memorable experiences ive had to this day. i think most of that is less about look what i did than the raw demonstration of physics in the extream. i have always and will always be a pragmatist and science geek. 

as i find myself under complete and uter corosive attack and degredation it is however useful as look what i did. even if Mallard Duck Boris at river side inpatient wanted to quack up the "extream unnessicary risks" while gleaning that from a text log my parents gave the police. the ethics of this are non existant. if psych hadent been an intrest of mine i wouldnt have been able to put togeather that he was reading texts from a private conversation at all. I doubt even he knew if he was looking at a complete conversation or fragments. you dont need a degree to know that non verbal comunications are limited and hard to deduce actual tone or intent from. or that with out context or even being sure you are looking at a complete conversation the conclusions one may safely/ethicly draw are extreamly limited. 

applied to psych though, not telling the forced patient where you are geting this possibly fragmented and or no context info from... I know what MD stands for but unless our system is hopelessly broke i prefer to belive that on his badge it meant mallard duck. (quack!)  

my guess from what ive studied long before meeting him is he was trying to quack me up the bpd tree. if you want borderline, lets look at your ethics boris. 

thats not to say i know more than anyone let alone a doc. That would be a straw man applied here. I can tell you he didnt want any supporting details and i end up diagnoised for "delusions of mold and bugs" despite that this was 3 months into hotels, all legions had cleared up. legions had persisted from apt where mold and bugs were found to parents house where mold was professionally confirmed, my rabbits vet was pretty sure there was an enviormental biting mite or otherwise, legions on them scraped negative but on treating for flea tick and mite went from like 11 per rabbit to 0 or 1. bugs in apt had one type professionaly exterminated. I told MD boris that "I have the records from the extermination at the apt and email with mold pro hired at their house on my gmail on my phone" 

"patients arnt allowed phones on the ward" 

again boris...ethics? did you mistake your oath in 2 languages? are you a friend of my mothers? or is something like empethtic burn out and or RX kickbacks at play? this ward is already attributed to the suicide of another young man in Minnesota

if he was a friend of my mothers (40 years in med world in mlps/st paul makes it possible) then its also possible he was acting on info from what he thought was a trusted source and doing right whilie doing a favor. ie its not i think anyones out to get me. 

the nasty part is those unable to communicate this to the extent i just did easily get their own label and medicated anyway. out to get anyone or not from the perspective of the induvigual abudcted at police point... it would be a pretty understandable responce, unless your livelhood is furthered by finding it a reason to medicate. This system has no checks on its power, limited to no oversight that i can see and no appeals process. 

regardless of what you want to think about me or my case. the system is ripe for abuse. rx kickbacks at very least need to be outlawed on forced holds. we have established a system where Doctors acting as police can detaine citizens and may finanacially benifit from the encounter. Rx kickbacks = pharma paying a doc for perscribing certian drugs. in theory this never becomes a script or diagnoisis because of a bonus paycheck but humans are not perfect and are known to be less perfect with out oversight and penalties for abusing positions of power ...esp when financial incentive exists to do so.

unlike what my parents claim... perhaps as testimant to the oposite, the only reason i know enough about the medical world is as a child I respected my mother (and didnt realize her likely condition makes it impossible for her to return that or see me as a person/not extension of herself) what i didnt learn directly was still learning in how to learn about that world. long before coming across the term journal article in college, i would hear my mom talk about medical journals at the dinner table.

i dont have the degree to make what i say official but thats no reason i cant say it. I also posit that because i have this knowledge is the only reason i didnt fall total victim to that system. or skipping a few steps in between, the way this is set up its most likely to harm the already less well off. because even trying to fight anythign is already a factor of time and money avalible. add in not understanding the language used and its almost hopeless

end rant/back to skydiving:
this was my first jump ever. no tandem. 5 hr safety course first . the program is called accelerated free fall. I wanted to go again that day and still haven't. no one else in the group wanted to. we had radio receivers and mine wasn't on. I attribute it to mostly dumb luck but i judged the flare correctly on my own and landed on my feet. everyone listening to the instructor faired less well and i highly suspect that was part of the reason no one else was up for lets do it again. on the ride up an experienced jumper sitting across from me could probably see the look on my face. over the noise she yells
...gulp... lol. 
if you look at my suite it has handles . they train you to jump in sequence with two people holding on to your suite. this ensures you fall straight down. without the proper body position you may end up tumbling. I dont recall actually exiting but somehow i willed myself (they wont pull you, its on your own accord or not data all) the moment i opened my eyes one of the dudes holding on to my arm handle was sticking his tounge  out at me. I went through the trained motion to show altitude awareness. the motion of my wrist was enough to change my motion through the air and WOOOOSHSSHHSHSHSHSH was about the only thing you could hope to hear. at 120mph belly to earth even breathing is odd. Stupidly i dropped my cord on pulling. The  moment you pull the people helping you fall straight down let go and you are own your own. 

problem is they aren't just rewriting the past, they are stealing, destroying property, holding property, forging my signature, lying to police, creating situations that may leave me disable, disfigured or dead. Maple Grove PD has refused to level allow me to file reports while ignoring all of the above and enforcing situations that brush the lines of police enforced human trafficking, forced/unfree labor, and or illegal imprisonment. outright ignored id theft while activating the ofps then forcing me to drive away from 20g of just my tools without even the ability to apply for snap in a car i dont own. this happened may 22 2020, and through masks im hearing "your parents give you a lot of moeny" so you heard them say that did you?  that justifies changing the lock Aug 2018 after all my things moved back in jan 2018? or does that help cover up things like "you cant fgile theft you gave them all you're stuff moving out" and the probably totaly illegal execuation of the emergency medical hold where police forced me on word of my parents nothing more and from a hotel 3 mo after they changed the locks... into ambunace then doc i never met before signs off on "medical officer hold" with in 10 min of meeting me. i could be wrong. im not a lawyer. but that doesnt line up with anything i read about the types of emergency medical holds in mn.  the pocket search inbetween was a nice touch. 4th amendment what? I guess that doesnt apply when had anything been in my pocket the department might have gained federal funding. 

for the last 3 years and counting Ive been having my life ripped apart by parents very good at hiding their issues from the outside world. very bad at admiting any fault. a dad that was seiu local 284s vp for probably 25 years started literaly saying "I OWN YOU" "I NEED CONTROL BECAUSE I WANT CONTROL"

I had done my first paid web design progect at 13 years old. at 15 I did a report for a union software company probably 2003 on which emerging mobile platform would be best for their logistics and I guess not really customer but let's say member resource management software.

at 15 I also made a biz card offering it consulting services in maple Grove Jr highs darkroom, screen printing and photography elective. I hung it on a coffee shop buliting board and with in 3 months of turning 16 I was earning 50 for the first hr and 25an hr after in 2004 working for a small 3 person CPA office that focused on non profits and churches.

I'm listing this mainly because my parents told the police in maple Grove they paid for everything I never made a dime. when in reality before even leaving their house in 06 I was doing support for the CPA office, a law office, a print shop by university billiards, and a car dealership just my biz clients. several homes made via word of mouth recommendations. I had built something like 30 bespoke desktops and workstations by age 22. 

a friend of my dad's also once ran for district rep. I for pay created his campaign management desktop computer and website 

before even leaving hs my normal for my age job went from Mc ddonnalds to target, nat cam exchange, mortgage refinance telemarketing at 11 am hr plus commission. 

I had a paid internship for a year and a half at NDSU which ended due to a GPA requirement officially. later I would find out the department had to cut an inter postion anyway. 

that's not a complete list back then or now but in the years leading up to a deal with my dad I was also working a mall job the night of the st cloud cross roads mall attack. during that period I was working 2 jobs 60 to 100hrs a week. 

I had good credit till right as the mold issue spread to my apt

I went from cooking things like Indian chicken curry to the last 3 years of quicktrip 30 days hungry last year hearing things like I own gpu. my mom threatened for 9mo to get me a psych diagnosis and they eventually accomplished that "for delusions of Mold and bugs" to literaly send pics of the remediation they had scheduled while the police reports landed me in mental eardtgr doc on the ward refused to view documents or emails from mold pro or extermunatori knew what match box syndrome was. psych was a side intest. I stuck with expert testimony which he refused saying patients arnt allowed phones on the ward

I move back in right as their problem had been confirmed by pro

I've heard from mgpd. it's not theft because u gave them all your things. 

you just don't live here anymore

it's not illegal to say you own someone. 

not an issue to endorse your name on a check in mail addressed to you

they can open any mail that goes to their house. 

we might be liable if we put unreliable witness on the record 

the last 4 items were the same meeting. I had driven from the cell/apt in st cloud to meet with mgpd mainly to try to stop my parents using false reports as weapons

I was 29 with no criminal or mental health issues or record when this started. 

my parents forced this currently past lease.. ie pre covid I was suposed to be out. they forced this lease under threat of destroying donating other wise getting rid of everything that you just don't live here anymore put them in control of

they waited till 20days before lease was up and filed two ofps in a court an hr and a half away. 

my credit is shot they have now dqes me from renting or hoping to find gainful employemt

I feel like death every day

if the Turpin family had lived in MN Im willing to bet it would be a much different outcome. 

I backpacked Europe alone on my dime for 45 days at age 18

for the last 3 years of my life I have feared for my life every day. while rare two parents would both have personality disorders I truly belive they would both be found to be cluster b aspd bpd or npd. 

my dad

I need control because I want control

you know why I'm so much better than you John? (shows competing with offspring) 

also when I first moved back in I jammed their vac. he know I was making PCBs and devices I designed and had done quite a few board level electronic repairs. 

he took apart the vac broke it then blamed me for having to buy a new one

I own you 

I own you

I bought you

both parents to me:

were the same person 
you've never worked 
you haven't worked enough

the biggest clue I missed was usually after blowing up on me over the years sometimes deserved sometimes not 

I was at fault for their emotions and even if put of preportion or not something I had Contol of it was usually nuclear blast at me then cold shoulder and act like it never happened some time later

I passed ham radio exam at 13. it took 3 or 4 tries. 
what had changed was I figured out letters on the page would stop dancing around with a blank note card above and below the line I was trying to read in the exam study book. at the dinner table the same night I passed a rf theory as well as FCC regs exam at age 13 my mom asks seemingly pissed 

so now you expect us to buy u an expensive radio? 

well flash forward I now expect to die with the last woman touching me having been my mom trying to push me over the railing a week after threatening to push me down the stairs. 

this is fucking insane. 

I went this route with this url so if I'm found dead from covid or on the street in a few months my story will be told by this blogger. 

I don't want anything more than a chance at life which involves compensation for the last 3 years and enough time to regain some health but I understand and want to be back to working I've been forced to clean mold they got me declared crazy for whole they paid to have it removed I'm now blowing out black stringy stuff

covid is the reason I'm not on the street but when mn lifts eviction ban I'm already past lease

I have no doubt I will be 

desteoyed credit, 2 ofps, eviction, psych diagnosis

ie 29yo nothing on my record no eviction good credit to 32 on the street after being removed from everything and told I'm property for 2 years out of the last 3

I had biz law at scsu and did pretty well in it. a lawyer this does not one make. that said on moving back in Jan 2018 my mom said I'm your land lord you live here now untill you can afford every penny of moving out again. the last bit would seem to establish a length or time period on a contract. 

I've preformed it services professionally in the past and average market wage is 100 to 150 an hr. 

I'd argue more than fair wage was paid for the 10ft by 10ft room I was renting 

I had 0 notice I "don't live here anymore" 
written or otherwise. 

my mom had caught lung cancer early and had an operation scheduled. 

days before sometime early Aug 2018 she's following me around the house screaming I'm abnormal and delusional need medication. 

I asked my dad if perhaps it would be better did her recovery if I spent a week or at max 2 in a hotel. 

they purgered themselves on the ofps. 

over course of last 3 years I have often benn in one week to 1 month unwashed clothes. they attack to the core while creating conditions unfit for life

every month while in their moldy home I preformed at least one usually more hr of it services on the home network or 2 of their computers. their is uses lightly. one was built for them by me. the other is one of my earlier builds for my day to day work station rig. 

I had amassed thousands in tools and equipment just from what clients gifted let alone paid but when u see your son as property and think u have a right to decide if your 29 year old son can own property.. 

im more likely to be dead than get anwhere

im glad I got to know my 2 rabbits and Cosmos. 

im sorry to anyone I let down. 

my YouTube name is wuety06 and vengeancetechnologies a lot of additional info may be found between the two

my biggest regret is being unable to care for Bonnie rabbit and Clyde rabbit during the past 3 years. they deserved better. it's really fucked I'm facing evection with Clyde in the freezer. my parents have Bonnies ashes and have pretended to lose them to terrorize and force labor on their car. 

Self Aware - self-actualized.
a lot of this has been things i do. which is a mix in who anyone is but doesnt alone define a person. For a long time now and even before i realized some people dont do this at all or to very limited degree, i can both trace back why i feel something, potentially whats clouding or false conclusions as to why. Its a process i internalized at some point. my first awareness of it came from hearing others mention along the lines of "i dont think that way", or "you think diffrently than most ive met" . im not saying im uniquie in that regard I know im not alone there will be many after me, there are many right now and many before. I also do not belive this is fool proof. I do however know beyond a doubt that when possible i think through ethics of any situation. I look for comfirmaion bias in my own conclusions. It worries me how much i see in media and politics on either side pushing people twoards drama, polorization, if you feel it it must be true... things we knew hunderedss of yesars ago were flawed. its not about being perfect its about overcoming our inate flaws and i cant help but see a corrupt message be it for profit or easily leading the flock. I dont want to even be caught up on this but regardless im experiancing the results.

Im a pragmatist that enjoys furthering my knowledge of the world around me, I try to help others when i can. I think the open flow of knowlege leads to invention and inovation that has shaped where we are today and is the only ethical way forward for the future.

 Id be happy forgeting all of this if not for the fact that my right to own property, make economic choices like what i eat and what i buy to prepare meals , how i presuse health and the lenght of my life is all being denied. My right to own anything is being deined. I invested heavily in tools not toys and all along with keepsakes are being destroyed and the state is standing in the way of my presutie of anything but a shallow grave. it does so while ignoring id theft, mail fraud, check fraud, evidence of false police reports, actual theft, assult/battery, illegal lock out by someone claiming to be my landlord and does so on the hearsay grounds that i might be violent. it has given the accusers right to know where i live for 2 years. despite the fact that after filing those civil charages they again came up and stole to set me back. 

also along the lines i was getting at with no checks and balances... we think the police and investigative bodies keep things safe yet at least in maple grove  and as far as i can see, they were doing whats easiest  while ignoring the party that they protect was likely putting other people infants at risk. 

may 22 2020 when they sent me away from 20k of my tools and stuff, activating the ofps while ignoring the reports that the "protected parties" had once again taken my ID... when you pull off the fluff they were activating a civil matter that makes it criminal for me to go near all of my stolen property. they do so while knowing i cant even get food stamps with out that id. durtring the middle of a pandemic. this is police enforcing threat to ones life based on hearsay and civil matters while ignoring actual crimes like id theft, mail fraud, check fraud, theft etc. the party they are enforcing it for is siting in a 430k paid off house while they stand behind or between me and 20k of tools that i could use to earn or at worst sell for first rent up front and deposit in cash and or food. while ignoring a crime that makes it even harder to get gov food assistance. 

when you combind the fact that during that meeting i was 3 months past notice to vaycate at the end of the leasse. only the covid 19 eviction ban keeping a roof over my head.. this presents and issue. sure i can go to the dmv, but where exactly do i have the new id mailed?

these arnt insurmountable issues but stacked they are more than anyone should have to endure and police using police force to enforce civil maters while ignoring criminal is bad enough but when it comes down to facts like, can someone eat? 

this is rediculous. I think the probelm is rooted in the almsot total lack of accountability for their actions with almost absolute power. which is an old and at one point obvious logical issue.

in the past signing another adults name on a contract was a huge violation. part of why mail is protected is ability to remotely enter and maintain contracts. I dont think it really matters what comes of the blm rallies if we let this erosion continue.

if you have no expectation of ownership of anything than you are basicly always working or dead. theres no wiggle room theres no economic mobility afforded by investments and education. if someone else can put you in or out of agreements or economic turmoil by forging your sig with out legal costidialships...

what im getting at is all foundations for being an adult or citizen are being eroded. yes violence against demographics is a concern and the death of Floyd is a tragedy. Yes there should be hell to pay. What im trying to get at is thats all in vein if we dont correct these issues. They effect all of us and our children/future generations. 

a lot of the people ive met that are doing half decent in life also have adopted the belife that no matter what they overcome. which may or may not be true but it is inline with a lot of what defines cluster b disorders. its also out of line with reality, id bet if you stop and think about it, someone being there at the right moment, helping you either emotionaly or with 10 bucks or a place to sleep helped at least once. 

im not saying i have it the worst off but what im trying to do is call attention to the fact that if theres no protection of the basics and police will allow you to be robbed of everything, no one is really that safe or in a very stable enviorment regardless of what they think or say. 

im not a constitutionalist or strictly much of anything but a pragmatist. that said I have come to the conclusion that the laws of the past were far more thought out and balanced than what is replacing them. there is an erosion of due process, flip of burden of proof, destruction of even things still taught in the biz context like things you own are stores of value. 

this does not bode well for us. 
im blowing out this, have a matress 3 folding tables and clyde rabbit in the freezer. I doubt ill be around for it to matter

this does however highlight a flaw in the system. you can be forced to see a doctor, but police will do nothing to prevent you from being unable to follow the medical advice. that two is a factor of economics. the diet i would usually be eating is ideal for not geting sick or helping the body fight anything. the best medicin is preventitive... best for any person. the best for profit and industry is leting you get sick and swooping in at the end with a patented petro chem derived for profit life extender or sometimes cure. 


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