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Moldy House bio war

this was after the professional remediation Nov 2018. the wall  shown is continuous though maybe 6 ft is not shown on the picture to the left. There is a divider wall that formed my highschool bedroom (not pictured above)

This picture is in between the two rooms above and looking at the direction of my HS bedroom. Aka one with desk and dehumidifier visible.as you can see in 2017 it was still carpeted with the walls closed.
if you look at the very first picture or the one on the left dependent on mobile or desktop view, cosmos and I are sitting about where the right side of the couch intersects the edge of the picture. I know this because we moved into that house when I was five or six and they still own it I grew up there essentially. I helped paint that basement floor

whats hard to make out is that the ceiling light fixture is also covered in glass. something that was done around April 2018 but had been sagging plastic since probably y2k. while gaslighting that there was no mold despite what the hired mold pro said in jan 2018... it appears my dad was actually listening. more than once i had noticed things seemed to come from the drop ceiling and or out of outlet boxes. a few months after he replaced it with glass there was visible dark brown dust on both of the fixtures of that nature. 

my symptoms were always worse when baseboard heat was on. the room on the left had two baseboard heaters. one started about where the dehumidifier sits. I had theorized that the heater drove a temperature differential inside the wall cavity which produced an air current driving the bad stuff up into the ceiling air space and or out the gang boxes. 

worth noting, i moved back in jan 2018 and due to having picked up work with potential liability and fact i couldn't leave 10x10 room with out my mom attacking me... but worsened by the fact she had a pending surgery and i couldn't imagine that would be good for recovery; i had suggested to my dad perhaps a week or two at a hotel would be for the best. which turned into Gilligan's 6month 3 cities 5 hotel probably 14 hotel rooms and a mental ward tour because towards the end of the 2nd week the lock code was changed on the garage door.  that was Aug 2018. the paid mold removal/remediation was nov2018. ie this wasn't done for my benefit. 
me in the 10x10 upstairs bedroom. 

at some point my mom:
I think she was talking to my aunt or my cousin on the phone. 

Cosmos's fur loss is probably a bit more explained in retrospect. in the photo above hes laying on the moldy carpet. 

Cosmos Cat on the day he died. I love you Cosmos. this was March 2017. The few moments i could spare i was driving from St. Cloud to Maple Grove and usually sleeping next to him often on the moldy basement carpet. Im pretty sure thats what transferred it to my car and apt. 

Cosmos was a name I had given him. After the heavens and my fascination with space but before my understanding of light pollution.

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