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Bonnie Rabbit

Bonnie was the definition of bright eyed and bushy tailed. I miss her company every day. I'm too hungry to fully process anything at the moment. 
Bonnie outside

The first pic was right before the bleeding started right after cosmos had died. Bonnie died after maybe 2 months in their care while i was "just not living there anymore" despite what a judge may find to have consituted a landlord tenant relation. Unlikely I can push for that from the street with destroyed credit all assets destroyed and or still held from me. 
Bonnie was a wonderful companion. One night working on contracted projects and repairs I took a break to lay on the floor and pet her and Clyde. I woke up face down 6 hrs later with a weight on my back. As I stood up White and black flashed over my shoulder. Bonnie had been sprawled out on my back taking a nap as well. Both her and Clyde are deeply missed. They contributed so much joy and health to my life. Unarguably because Knowing iceberg leticus sucks for us and them 2x or 3x a week I would buy spring mix or arugula, kale that sort of stuff and they would have it raw while sometimes i did or i would cook with it as well. Every time Bonnie got greens she would rub her chin on my finger or hand. I think i belonged to her not the other way around. 

Bonnies Name when I got her was Bandit. I think she was roughly a year and a half. She was an amazingly soft lionhead with an equally soft heart. 
I love you Bonnie. Im so sorry how much i was gone the last 4 months :( I miss you so much. theres no one to share greens with or to rub their chin on my finger(which is rabbit for you're mine)  and nudge my leg to be pet. 

At one point well I was working myself nearly to death I fell asleep on the floor petting Bonnie and Clyde. When I awoke there was a weight on my back. Groggy from 6 hours face down on the floor I wasn't thinking and I stood up first Rising to a kneel position and as I brought my torso up a white and black flash went over my left shoulder. Bonnie had been stretched out on my back.

I miss her  so much not only do my parents still have her remain which should also include a lock of hair Clyde still in my freezer.  They pretended to lose her to terrorize as well


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