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Civil Commitment Resources

What I could talk about as the issues is better covered here:

By Attorney and Author Jim Gottstein and a group called NARPA

I found out the hard way that corporate health care has little incentive to respect your rights when facing a civil commitment.

 I'm not alone in the belief this system needs reform.

The purpose of this page is to provide resources that track the issues, case history and or you can use to give a loved one a fighting chance. 

Core issues 

Even some of the drs who wrote the dsm are speaking out about how they never intended it to be used this way.

A more refined and overlapping point is many if the diagnosis in any version of it lack objective criteria.

Where this crosses with the doctor's opinion putting someone away should be viewed as a logical fallacy without objective criteria.

As I found out the hard way they're also under no obligation to review objective evidence. You could have two years of recorded phone calls events and or email/text conversations and they can decide not to look at it well diagnosing something or your interactions with someone as delusional. Worse yet like in my case the police might hold all of your tangible evidence, even if it's online the hospital policy or the doctors explicit word might ban you from having any access to it while they declare these things delusional.

Outside of my case I simplify it to this: we're approaching a place where police could break your arm and if the doctor plays ball you could be committed for self-injurious behavior even with security footage of the police breaking your arm.

Court Corruption

Lack of personality screening of corp healthcare employees

I can't speak to every hospital but I know at St cloud Central Care hospital in St cloud Minnesota, there was no personality screening of the all at will employees. Maybe that's changed as I had a conversation with the war director and he seemed really interested in my suggestion to maybe use something like the Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory for new hires. This is subjective but I would say it as his eyes really seem to light up like it was a good idea.

The problem here is just about everybody in the system that you're thrown into has different levels of training. This might seem obvious but they also have their own issues. If we're not personality screening then all of these people with their own issues in different levels of training are at will to take them out on the outcome of your case. Not to mention many of them have significant power to cause torment or more gently make your life hell.

Resources for the committed

Be a government run or corporate what you'll probably find is/what your loved one is going through is

Even writing something down and holding on to it is a challenge. different facilities have different policies but some might significantly limit when there's even access to a phone

In theory there are resources like the local or regional ombudsman, health board facility reports, the health board itself to report a physician, hotlines for reporting abuse of vulnerable adults. All of these are well and good but without the ability to have the numbers in one place it's hard to call and hard to sustain any sort of complaint.

Phone number directory Work Sheet 

Possibly Relevant Case Court History

I'm working with just a smart phone but as I find them I'll try to add more to this list

Other MN Commitment Related Links:

Dan Markingson

This is a tragic story on many levels. The relevance in general is the systemic issues found in Minnesota's mental health Care system.

General Commitment links


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