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Clyde Rabbit

Clyde with his tongue out

Clyde Wuethrich under the Xmas tree

Clyde's legions while at paul Wuethrich and Marlene wuethrichs house.

Clyde rabbit was an amazing dude. When he came into my life his name was brab and he was about to be donated to the shelter. Clyde knew this really cool trick when he was young. He would bite the bar above his cage door then press with his front paws until the door popped open. clyde trusted me so fiercely and i never understood. I really need to be able to get my friends remains delt with. he would still be with me if not for the actions of my parents and mgpd. 

I love you Clyde. 

the day my parents decided Bonnie needed a vet was the day she died. a decade or more she hadn't been to the vet alone. I was banned from the house during this period 

both rabbits had required anti biotic right before I left for what was suposed to be a 2 week hotel stay at max. 

my dad promised to give the remaing doses but shortly before mental hold he tells me they seemed fine so he just stopped. 

this was vet rxed and the flea tick and mite med  had dropped legions to near 0 per but the vet had recommended treating the environment because scraping were negative so the dramatic drop to near elimination led her to belive it was a mite that lived in the house not on what it bites. 

they were suposed to get another dose around the time Bonnie died. as usual I was told by vet it's cheaper if I order it myself and dumb spun out needing a break from the npd abuse me     and that's just it. no Matter what marlene and Paul tell you I am eextreamly conscious of trying to not need anything from them or save every dime of their money I can

the issue is the social contract or even acknowledgement of reality and harm doesn't go both ways

they will say something repeatedly or do it then deny ever having heard seen done for in one example 10 years till my mom admitted like she never denied it despite acting on it while denying it for a decade. 

I'm not even sure how I would have ordered Clyde flea tick and mite. my dad was making sure I bounced between hotels and all the mature bonds my grandma /his mom left in my name were being consumed for food and gas. so ordering it was a 2 prong issue. 

they fuck with my head to the point of trying to tell me I didn't change. flat tire for 2weeks then never said it

if I say it's recorded.. so what or fuck tour recordings then they force a topic chage or rephrase a lie to indicate yeah I'm doing this. 

I never got a chance to proses the death of Cosmos, they seriously try to violate me on every level and keep me from any comfort. they have Bonnies ashes and pretended to lose them while telling me to work faster on the car after Clyde died. 

I will never forget seeing him mourne her thoughm I wish I had pulled the blanket a bit so he could lay down. 

because my mom decided she was sick so late and I had 0 input.. Bonnie was frozen so I could bring Clyde to let him have closure


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