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if done outside provides the body with the most bioavailable source of vitamin D. Deficiency is associated with depression and decreased to impaired immune function.

most forms of exercise also release endorphins which further lift a mood if only temporarily. 

Diet and Mental Health

I cant do that without my kitchen stuff. Minnesota of all states has no excuse for allowing emergency medical holds and or OFPs without police enforcing laws like theft. why is this? well emotional inhibition goes both ways and or diet has a substantial impact on cognition and emotional inhibition. Putting someone on the street or away from the ability to cook and eat healthy meals may make the most reserved of individuals seem more aggressive or emotionally volatile. 

why Minnesota specifically (no excuse)?

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment. Groundbreaking new work.... if you live in/still think its 1944 (note this source is about as good as it gets, short of private libraries we dont have access to as citizens. Im sure multiples of journals have covered and expanded this since. the point this should make is... this was mn discovered and not exactly new.) 

Diet also influences neuroplasticity  (more on what this is bellow) 

The best forms of exercise tends to be those you will do. Aka usually forms you enjoy. I tend to preference weight lifting and bike riding. Except maple grove police help parents steal their adult children's bikes (and probably trashed my weight set.) 

Diet and Immune Function

Searches for Diets Impact on The body

here are some ideas for searches

diet and cognition
diet and mortality
diet and heart disease 
nutrition and executive function
diet and hypertension
dietary control of ADHD (or add) 
nutrition and emotional regulation

obviously substitute cardiovascular exercise , aerobic exercise or anything else you see fit as well. 
If you are reading this and currently enrolled at a university you might even have access to scientific and medical journals as part of your tuition. Id expect some majors are more aware of this than others. At NDSU i know i did but i also know that was a one-second mention in the orientation class. (CS doesnt really need journals nor did MIS) 

for those that dont google scholar, pub med and a few others exist.

Neuroplasticity and Coping (Avoiding Depression Fixation and Rut)

if you aren't familiar with the term... extremely simplified its the brain's ability to learn and change. Weve known for a while now this is a physical process as much as a mental one. 

The brain reconfigures with learning and conditioning/repeating behavior. The more "plastic" a brain the easier it is to learn, the easier it is to change, recall interrelate etc. behaviors that are repeat reinforce pathways at the expense of less used memories and behaviors (or so i understand it again im not going for thesis level just intro)

that said it just crossed my mind, anyone, with an engineering degree or background, might find this counter-intuitive. If you think in terms of deformation that is. for those unaware most the time plastic is the less desirable way material can deform. there are applications it has uses but with out full explanation the alternative is an elastic deformation (snaps back) 

in the context of our brains, more plastic is better for cognition learning moving on, coping and even staying alive.  

improving neuroplasticity helps prevent and or slow Alzheimers and Parkinsons as well. 

in terms of assuming someone has an anger problem, fixation or cant move on cant adapt.. or looking at researched backed ways to make sure deep emotional trauma doesnt become lifetime brain damage...

about the worst thing you can do to a person is cut off a healthy diet they had established, limit exercise and induce starvation or long periods of mal nutrition. this not only could kill a person but its like hardwiring the depression. it curtails the brains ability to recover and find new. 

I wont go into it here but i really wonder what we will find in the future about what modern life SAD plus emotional trauma does epigenetically. The apa knows 3x 4x more likely for a kid to grow up bpd with emotional neglect and verbal abuse from parents... well if there is a genetic component as well and stress... this has the potential with or with out to spiral into cluster b implosion ... but holy shit will it be quick with. I kinda wonder if thats cancel culture. 

NPD Abuse And Brain Damage:

heres a bit better and might lend credance to becoming what you despise or as i put it when the disonence isnt deltwith and people become parents between modern work hrs. other routes obviously as well.

the 2 years of isolation and mal nutrition with out exercise has my brain about to switch off though so thats all for now. 

Im never a fan of needless genderfication but the above link covers gaslighting pretty well.

Sleeps Impact on Mental Health 

Purpose is important to health 

Mental health, healing from surgery, recovery of any kind 


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