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Mental, Phy, Imune Health


if done outside provides the body with the most bioavailable source of vitamin D. Deficiency is associated with depression and decreased to impaired immune function.

most forms of exercise also release endorphins which further lift a mood if only temporarily. 

Diet and Mental Health

I cant do that without my kitchen stuff. Minnesota of all states has no excuse for allowing emergency medical holds and or OFPs without police enforcing laws like theft. why is this? well emotional inhibition goes both ways and or diet has a substantial impact on cognition and emotional inhibition. Putting someone on the street or away from the ability to cook and eat healthy meals may make the most reserved of individuals seem more aggressive or emotionally volatile. 

why Minnesota specifically (no excuse)?

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment. Groundbreaking new work.... if you live in/still think its 1944
https://www.apa.org/monitor/2013/10/hunger (note this source is about as good as it gets, short of private libraries we dont have access to as citizens. Im sure multiples of journals have covered and expanded this since. the point this should make is... this was mn discovered and not exactly new.) 

Diet also influences neuroplasticity  (more on what this is bellow) 

The best forms of exercise tends to be those you will do. Aka usually forms you enjoy. I tend to preference weight lifting and bike riding. Except maple grove police help parents steal their adult children's bikes (and probably trashed my weight set.) 

Diet and Immune Function

Searches for Diets Impact on The body


here are some ideas for searches

diet and cognition
diet and mortality
diet and heart disease 
nutrition and executive function
diet and hypertension
dietary control of ADHD (or add) 
nutrition and emotional regulation

obviously substitute cardiovascular exercise , aerobic exercise or anything else you see fit as well. 
If you are reading this and currently enrolled at a university you might even have access to scientific and medical journals as part of your tuition. Id expect some majors are more aware of this than others. At NDSU i know i did but i also know that was a one-second mention in the orientation class. (CS doesnt really need journals nor did MIS) 

for those that dont google scholar, pub med and a few others exist.

Neuroplasticity and Coping (Avoiding Depression Fixation and Rut)

if you aren't familiar with the term... extremely simplified its the brain's ability to learn and change. Weve known for a while now this is a physical process as much as a mental one. 

The brain reconfigures with learning and conditioning/repeating behavior. The more "plastic" a brain the easier it is to learn, the easier it is to change, recall interrelate etc. behaviors that are repeat reinforce pathways at the expense of less used memories and behaviors (or so i understand it again im not going for thesis level just intro)

that said it just crossed my mind, anyone, with an engineering degree or background, might find this counter-intuitive. If you think in terms of deformation that is. for those unaware most the time plastic is the less desirable way material can deform. there are applications it has uses but with out full explanation the alternative is an elastic deformation (snaps back) 

in the context of our brains, more plastic is better for cognition learning moving on, coping and even staying alive.  

improving neuroplasticity helps prevent and or slow Alzheimers and Parkinsons as well. 

in terms of assuming someone has an anger problem, fixation or cant move on cant adapt.. or looking at researched backed ways to make sure deep emotional trauma doesnt become lifetime brain damage...

about the worst thing you can do to a person is cut off a healthy diet they had established, limit exercise and induce starvation or long periods of mal nutrition. this not only could kill a person but its like hardwiring the depression. it curtails the brains ability to recover and find new. 

I wont go into it here but i really wonder what we will find in the future about what modern life SAD plus emotional trauma does epigenetically. The apa knows 3x 4x more likely for a kid to grow up bpd with emotional neglect and verbal abuse from parents... well if there is a genetic component as well and stress... this has the potential with or with out to spiral into cluster b implosion ... but holy shit will it be quick with. I kinda wonder if thats cancel culture. 

NPD Abuse And Brain Damage:

Id say what sites like psychtoday often leave out is this requires a strong emotional attachment or an actual position of power. if the person can pack up their property or sell it to go... its harder to form this. parent to child or when ...ehhhhem... cough.... laws protecting individuality and autonomy between adults are repeatedly ignored (tip of ice burg) .... position of power granted. while the us image or every day association is pretty shit here; the UN recognizes that police can often strengthen this for anyone good or bad by defering authority and or enforcement to a citizen party. 

the point is repetition is the key to create the damage. period and ability to get away with it plays in. yes codependency keeps a great percentage fixed but corp psych has no incentive to acknowledge what academic OST, Sociology, and the interrelated would define as a postion of power... why? codependence is recurring revenue that wouldnt be there if the importance of the above laws to...ohhh avoiding brain damage... i really hope its not this sick but i cant find much evidence otherwise and a lot points right at looking and quacking like... dr boris. (I usually write it was so unethical I have to assume MD stood for mallard duck) 

Conceptually it isnt that hard if you grasped the things like neuroplasticity and know reward usually strengthens invalidation then forcing doing it for them or forcing inability to overcome at some point will probably be found to make plaqs like alzymers (my theory) at best it would shrink the areas related to memory (gaslighting), reasoning concentration and decision making (prefrontal cortex) . This is exactly what modern research is finding. 

sorry for the quality of this source. I typed first searched later, none of this is new to me

heres a bit better and might lend credance to becoming what you despise or as i put it when the disonence isnt deltwith and people become parents between modern work hrs. other routes obviously as well.

the 2 years of isolation and mal nutrition with out exercise has my brain about to switch off though so thats all for now. 


Easier said than done. doesnt have to be but lets face it doing something and being able to fit it into demands of life often require optimization. that often requires some expenditure. when basic property rights go by the wayside the odds of cost and time effectively preparing the meals that would be best become...

clyde in the freezer. :( nothing in the cupboards.

but that said, things like the Minnesota starvation experiment not only linked diet to emotional state but also raised the question of if its ever ethical to medicate before addressing diet. I think corp profits won over patient health. Im not really qualified to say that for sure. that said, ive done my homework and will try to lay that out better soon for you to decide for yourself. 

Im not suggesting dump meds either but i think we've got tot the point we might be making people sick in ways its hard to recover or might kill them in poverty... for the sake of what? job creation? meh 

if you want to apply this stop thinking diet in terms of losing weight. you need fatty acids and things especially up in the noggen. you might want to look into the halide group on the periodic table and consider at very least a filter on your tap to knock chlorine out.  chloramine is a bit harder ...

with out finding a bunch more sources right now the point is cut how many chemicals you are exposed to and eat whole foods milks(if you can) take a probiotic. make a moment to exercise and a moment to do something creative as an expressive outlet. 

i cant wait till the moment i can eat again or be rid of this mold. that will probably be when sources come for how to apply and more specifics. 

take this with a grain of iodized salt... its not intended as medical advice so much as a place to look for a better solution and point people down paths they might have otherwise missed. its dual purpose is listed below. 

if you see anything you can point out is wrong with a source or want to clarify... ill happily change it. im looking for a learning experience as much as im trying to compile and share. 

i do want to expand out thyroid and stress-induced epigenetic changes at some point (on a meta and personal curiosity level on the later especially. ive read a bit about the first already. gut probably deserves more attention too. soooo many nerve endings. and in computer terms, the possibility for whats called a cpu interrupt would seem to be capable of great distraction to destruction in cognitive function :D )

if you found any of it useful and would like to contribute to my survival or a coffee even im sitting at 24 miles to E and Clyde rabbit in the freezer in a mostly empty apt without even a cup in cupboard and -20 in bank

Why Is This Here?

First to possibly point people to information that may help them. 

Second: short version... to show who i am and what i know. possibly so i don't end up court-ordered based on purgery and other foul play to spend my time hearing it again. (nothing i can think of would rescope CBT into BDSM like...)

Longer version (lights a cigar, eyes up two Bernays women...looks for cocaine to keep up with the Jones): my mother ...

(dramatic space incase you dont yet get the jokes in the last parentheses)(I cant directly attribute the  Jones to the Applied S. F. known as E. B. but its his M.O. and would be ironically hilarious given the addictive nature of the substance and colloquial metaphor it morphed into for craving)

jokes aside... my mother is an np trying to paint me as some sort of abuser and or (alternating or at the same time) will try to paint this picture im a clueless child. I feel she is given pull with police and know if she wants she could likely pull and possibly modify my medical records. I dont trust audit trails on an EHRs/EMRs by one of several vendors where the reputation both online and listening to years of her complain about them is garbage. the CS and love of coding, computers, electronics and IT.... I know a thing or two about where the two subjects collide and what ive seen doesnt leave me very confident that foul play would be detected or detectable if done correctly by someone intending foul play.  

Growing up I respected her and what she did to the point that at one point I could successfully intubate the teaching dummy they used to teach that skill. I knew about journal articles from listening to her talk about her career while at the dinner table growing up. Also she used to teach at st kates and around the time the overhead projector was going the way of the dodo bird, well she either doesnt understand/wouldn't try to learn computers. A lot of the powerpoints she used for teaching were made by yours truly while i was last few years of elementary or jr high back in early 2000s.

The above gave me the ability to not just find a psychology today article and absorb half marketing half bunk half maybe psychology... but to find valid sources and understand or be able to look up terminology. 

Also possibly relevant depending on if im still around or something happens: 

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