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There is something of substance most of us our addicted to as are the Police and law makers and educators. 

 altered judgement, altered emotional state, feel good, instant gratification, emotional arguments. it might even be able to modify your thoughts. 

yep, its a drug. its also flooded with recursive advertising but for pill forms. its actually corporate media. 

fair list? 

ever notice the "news" more accurately classified as "corporate infotainment" uses the same tactics as the commercials in-between? 

theres also the talking head playing your trust. they likely dont intend that or know it(anchors). studies done when radio was new (before tv) found people trust the voice on the radio more than anyone they know or in their day to day life. probably something subconscious about.. wow how did his/her/their voice do that? must be god like... ugh smart!

talking head is often used by groups that are sometimes bat shit crazy but over all get a bad rap for a good thing. using their minds (or trying to)

but its not a spooky reference, it in part indicates they dont write what you see them speaking and they might know less than you do on the topic they present news about. the weather person is the likely exception. 

the movie "Anchorman" was almost entirely a play on this. News anchors are employed for their ability to speek and entertain in a professional manor. they could be hard core intellectuals at home but thats the rarity they usualy know about the same amount you do on a topic, sometimes more sometimes less. 

leads to things like this in real life: 

thats not a glitch in the matrix. it does demonstrate the talking head effect pretty well though... read that teleprompter with STYLE! meanwhile lawyers at nfp racist end racism groups are salivating like a Russian physiologists dog. 

worse yet anything that hits the brains emotion centers ends up being more habbit forming than say, brushing you teeth for the full 2 min 2x daily. corporate advertising entertainment and news is all about MAXING that. 

calling out fb isnt cleashay lol. its pathetic. fb at least allows you to ...well used to allow you to post anything short of porn and gore. aka if you did cool projects and or learned something it can be about that as much as what this article says. the old players in network news are who pioneered what this claims is a facebook issue. whens the last time you could post on tv let alone post anything on tv?


it does have the component of instant gratification but it at best reflects the hyper emotional broadcast puts out. Ill find better sources for the addictive claim later.

point is the way most humans get info today is not just broken but

misleading, mind altering, addictive, emotionally modulating/disturbing, emotional posing as logic, with an assumed trust level that isnt there and therefor may alter judgment and decision making. 

what do drugs do? how often is the topic of vote a drug? how often do you watch tv? does that influence other votes? do those votes influence your life? do you think what you see might shape how you interact with those around you? like even prime time families? whats normal family interaction? whens the last time you thought somebody was weird? why?

media scape goats drugs as does the gov. its the symbol of an issue. the media might be causing as much harm to the chances your family exists in 25 years. (or family line) and you may vote for their demise then abuse your husband while saying hes abusive.  

instead of turning on that tv or radio... might i offer you another drug that actually flexes your brain? it wont try to sell you anything but the game. sad to report i think they have tall goat but so far no scape goat:


I havent actually played this. the people claiming to own me stole the computer i would be best served or able to play it on. that said ive heard envision Grand Theft Auto, subtract the guns and human protagonist add a goat. tall goat may infact be a giraffe 

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