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Cosmos Cat

A black cat I named after the heavens.

My cat as dark as the night sky. The little kitty that loved the outdoors. The first 6 mo or so after we got him he always slept on my legs and would even stand outside the shower door meowing for me. 

When I first got my drivers license a few years later cosmos would ride around in the passenger seat or back window. 

The pic where im in the windows 10 shirt was 2016 (above)

 These two were his last day alivecats say I love you by a double eyed blink and squinting in your presence. I miss him. More than that I loath that all the time I didnt get to see him has been made worthless and continues to have all value destroyed needlessly

Note that I had only seen him maybe 7 times between 2014 and his death in 2017. I cant have this time back. Marlene and Paul continue to steal stalk and destroy everything from when I started earning in 2004. 

As far as I know though that look in the 3 pics above is as much love and respect as a feline can show. 
I think he never forgot how I made sure he got to go out side on a leash. We came by him as a stray and he was I think 7 months to a year old by vet estimate. He had been living outside under the deck of two girls my dad drove to school. I watched how he looked out the window and insisted he have a harness and leash. Also there was nothing I wouldnt share with him, one day early (I think the last Halloween I trickertreated) I was eating a buttered popcorn flavored dumdum sucker. Out comes a paw and pulls it closer when I offered it to smell he started lapping it up as I tried not to lose it laughing (it wasnt a great flavor). 

Cosmos was smart to the point he had figured out the lever on the door was key to opening it. As we got him was when I moved into the basement room at their house. He often wanted out earlier than I wanted to be awake. There was an L desk where he could stand with his back paws on the desk front on the lever door knob. He couldn't hold on through the required depression to open the door but with out fail id wake up to the lock on the door clicking as he tried to let himself out mornings i slept in. 

After the last adventure we took outside (2017) He slept by my side downstairs at my parents that night When I was living with them as a minor Cosmos would usually sleep in my bedroom and in the morning at breakfast if i had yogert he would have to lick the lid. When we went down to the couch that night (in the unknown moldy house), I got a yogert and ate it.

 in the morning the lid was licked clean (i had left it detached for him) he was laying on the carpet behind the couch in pain. we eventually took him to the vet when we should have taken him outside again. 

Im sorry Cosmos.

 Either my dad didnt remember or the vet that he had gone to his entire life forgot to tell us there was an entry around the back. I quickly brought him back to the car rather than the stress of the waiting room. As we sat waiting for the vet to come with the shot. I told him "Its ok Cosmos, I love you you can let go". The little kitty went bright eyed the moment he saw me in 2001 and followed me to the shower door meowing the next morning, died in my lap a few moments later, before the vet arrived.

Despite not being there the moment we knew anything about what was making sick I got him krill oil and did a bunch of research directing my parents to put him on a raw food diet. It was weird we had tried him on fish oil early 2000s he didnt want anything to do with it. all the sudden the little krill oil capsles were like treats. 

note , where the couch is... about where we were in the pic with the carpet and walls intact. the glass block looks in at what was my hs bedroom aka the pic on the right. Pretty much the entire back wall of the house and as you can see the livingroom in the basement was still carpeted before Nov 2018.

This was as I left in 2014 (video). I was nearly in tears. I had a feeling the house had a serious problem that was making me sick. I knew I couldn't take him, he loved their yard too much. These events were so traumatic I blocked them out shortly after. In 2017 and start of 2018 Paul and Marlene did everything they could to convince me I was never there in 2014. I had only intended to be there a month. They decided I was too crazy to leave. of course because I though the basement might be moldy. in 2018 it was confirmed to have been since at least 2001. 


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